About Me

Hello Friend!
I am Tracy Nuskey Dodson, mother of two teen boys,  
 maker of contemporary folk art
and teacher of super fun art classes!

Art has always been a huge part of my life.
I began my art "career" in the living room of my childhood
home with a stack of coloring books and a cigar box full of crayons.
I took every art class that was offered in school and I attended
a vocational high school to attend the commercial art course.

After I graduated from Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia,
I jumped around the commercial art and advertising
field for a bit until I realized that it wasn't for me. 
Art had lost it's fun and I had lost my spark,
so I packed up my paints and brushes and got an office job.
I enjoyed my job but spent countless hours dreaming
of all of the creative things I wanted to do.

After the birth of my second son, my husband
and I decided that I would quit my office
job and be a stay at home mom.
It was this time that I was able to pick up 
my brushes and start painting again.
I got my spark back!

I now spend my days taking care of my family
and creating art in my home studio,
 formerly our dining room. 
I work part time for the NJ Forest Service and I love it!

My work is currently available here tracynuskeydodson.com
and at Church St. Art & Craft in Mt. Holly, NJ.  
and in my Etsy shop at thevintagesister.etsy.com

 I have learned over the years to try and avoid
the trends and just create from the heart.

My style reflects my love of portraits, children, 
tea, cats, paper, and all things vintage.
Oh, and polka dots! I love polka dots!!

Contact me here: thevintagesister@gmail.com

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