Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spreading Good Vibes

Hello everyone! It's been a crazy few days in NJ...yesterday it was a beautiful 60+ degrees! I opened the windows to get all of those "Cold" germs we keep passing back and forth out and the boys had a great time playing outside. Today however, it was in the 30's, with freezing wind! It's nuts!!! It was a little spring tease;)

My sister is on vacation this week and I feel lost! I shouldn't feel this way since she only left Sunday and we've already spoke three times but I know she's not close and it bothers me!!

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that I sold two of my largest pieces today!!! I really , really loved them but I know they are going to a good home where they will be appreciated. So to all of my blog friends, I am sending you my good vibes and wishing you much success! Have a great night!


Kim H. said...

I am so happy for you that you sold to of your big pieces! I just love your art! Hopefully your sister is having a wonderful time on vacation is home soon. It is wonderful that you to are so close!

This crazy weather is doing me in - we hit a high of 9 degrees today...YUCK...I would take 30 degrees in a heart beat!

Susan/sweetimaginations said...

I love, love, LOVE these pieces and actually thought of purchasing them myself! But I've been spending too much lately on "necessities", so have to be good. Congrats on the sale...lucky buyer!

~dani~ said...
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~dani~ said...

How lucky am I to have these lovelies in my home!! I adore you and your work.

Jersey girls rock the arts!!!