Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Blogland Break....

Hello Friends,
I'm sorry I have been neglecting you all this week. My poor little blog....stuck on Happy Friday for almost a full week! I think it's been a combination of being busy and not having too much to say. My mom is visiting from Florida and I finally finished up the five paintings I needed to do for the boutique and the latest family portrait I was commissioned to do.
I thought I'd share a funny little thing my 92 year old grandmother said to me the other day. We were talking on the phone and she asked how Jake was doing in school. I told her how well he's doing and how easily it comes to him. She then asked how my husband was doing and I told her about this big exam he had to take for work and that he did very well. She then said, "No offense to you but I guess that's where Jake gets his smarts from." Mind you, I am the only Grandchild out of 8 that calls her on a regular basis!!!! My family and I got a good chuckle and my husband is pleased to no end. I'm always the one who gets the crap. I wonder what the kid gets from me??? He draws that it???
I am very excited because my sister and I are going to take a weekend getaway to Adamstown, PA to go antiquing. I don't like antiques as much as I like junk so I'm hoping there will be plenty of both. We are going to stay in a B&B and will be sharing a bed which we haven't done in about 14 years so it should be fun:)
Well, I'm attaching a photo of my latest family portrait.

Have a great weekend and eat lots of deviled eggs!


michelle said...

I love this one! Totally worth waiting for! I would love to give that one to my sister. Are you going to do a print? Have a fun get-away and happy easter!

Kim H. said...

awww that is so sweet! I wish I had a sister...I have to stay I have the best SIL though!

Have a fun get-away with your sister! Happy Easter!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Tracy this sisters painting is good !!!!
and .... I like junk better too

Happy Easter

~dani~ said...

This painting may be my fav to date. Such sweetness! Have a wonderful trip, sweetie.

Mandy said...

I'm very excited too! I just booked the B&B for us. It's a done deal. Yay! Should we plan on taking the mini van so we can load up lots of stuff if need be? ;)

Susan/sweetimaginations said...

Oh, my, my, my...I LOVE this sisters painting!!!

My 98 year old gran says funny things like that too. Guess when you are that age you just say what's on your mind and not worry about it. Too funny!

Happy Easter!

Heather said...

Hi there! Really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful collages@! They're so sweet!~