Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ills and Thrills!

Good Saturday Friends,
I must apologize once again for my blog neglect. You see, I don't usually like to complain but I feel the need to give and excuse. I've been sick for the past week and a half.....due mostly to my need to wait until I'm half dead before I will see a Doctor. I come from the ,"It will eventually go away on it's own" theory of thinking. It started with the worst sore throat ever and moved to the worst, worst, worst sore throat ever. So, to my dismay, I finally went to see my overcrowded, germ ridden, wait too too long on the phone to get an appointment Dr. It turns out I have strep throat, but with a pocket full of antibiotics, I'm on the mend!!!
On a much healthier studio is up and running again. I have started to add prints of my paintings for what I think are very reasonable prices. Also, I have a couple of framed portraits I'm working on using some ornate gold vintage frames I've had lying around. I will give a sneak peek of them soon. I have attached a photo of a painting I did for a client who had some funky wall paper from her beloved Grandmothers home. She asked me to incorporate it into one of my "Big Hair Girls" for her. I had a great time doing this one and appreciate her trusting me with this treasure of hers.
Lastly... I am attaching photos of our Nerd Family trip to the Star Wars exhibit. The boys had such a good time looking at all of the movie stuff. I took a moment to stop and look around at all of the people visiting and I had to laugh because it was boys as far as the eye could see. Boys and dads everywhere! A few girls here and there but not nearly as many.
Well, I'm off to the studio to get to work on some new things for my shop. I will give you a heads up before I do a shop update.
Have a great weekend!!!


Kim H. said...

Sorry to hear that you have been sick...I come from that same school of thought that it will go away on its own. All you have to do is wait it out! LOL! Not always the case.

I love you big hair girls! Prints are so fun!

I love the pictures of the boys with the star wars stuff! I did not think my boys had a clue about star wars, but we got a FAO catalog yesterday and they have a couple of pages of star wars stuff- my 5 year said "I want it all- it goes on my list"! LOL!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Mystele said...

So glad you're doing better! can't wait to see the framed pieces. Ooooo!

michelle said...

Ugh! I hate being sick! So glad you are feeling better! And I love the prints! Now I need to decide which one I want! I mailed you girl today!

Jenn said...

Awesome trip Tracy!!! You know my kids would have fun there;) Sorry you've been sick...hope you are back to 150% sooooon:) xoxo

~dani~ said...

oh, I am so glad you finally went to the doctor! Hope you mend super fast. Love the big haired wallpaper girl..and the geeky star wars

Hey, I leave for vacation on the 10th and back the 16th, do you want to go before or after?