Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Armoire!!!

Hello Friends,

I hope this post finds you warm (if you live in a cold area) or content (if you are one of the lucky ones that live in a warm area). I'm beginning to see a few signs of spring. The daffodil bulbs are peeking out of the soil and it has been light out past 6:30. I can't wait until we set the clocks forward! I seem to get so much more accomplished in daylight.

I am attaching some photos of the armoire (Inspired by Red Shoes) I have been working on for my art room. I took the top off of an old china cabinet I had and put it on top of my old antique dresser. I then painted it in some of my favorite colors with lots of polka dots! I still need to replace the toile fabric in the doors but I'm having a hard time finding something I like. I'm so excited that I have so much more storage now! In the two top drawers I keep all of my collage papers and sketchbooks. The larger drawers have all of my finished pieces and blank canvases. I'm still waiting to get the floors redone so I will have nice hardwood underneath but I feel a little better that I am at least a bit more organized.

My next post I hope to show you a few of the goodies I have purchased lately.

Have a great weekend!


Kim H. said...

This is so gorgeous! I love the colors...I am so jealous! Your studio is going to be gorgeous!

michelle said...

It is just wonderful! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

That's really cool! Find a neat Amy Butler fabric!

Steph said...

Now that's some stylish storage! What a fun space you'll have to create in...


Eloise said...

This is beautiful lovely Tracey!!!
You really made it your style:)
Your artistic merit shows in every little thing you touch:))))

Hugs xxx


Mandy said...

As you know, girly I love your new storage cabinet! We should get the men to watch the kids one afternoon soon so we can go to fabric row in Philly or antique row to find some cool fabric for you.

~dani~ said...

This is so fantastic! Just love your vision~ Have you considered handpaper papers? My local art store (Allegheny Art, Newtown, Pa)has large sheets of gorgeous handmade papers in many colors and textures. I put some behind glass in my cabinet and it worked out perfectly.

Sticks and Stones Designs said...

WOW I love this! Its beautiful and so "happy"! :)