Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Still Here....Really!

Hello Friends,

Yes, I am still alive. I spend a small part of every day thinking about doing a post and then I never find the time. Thank you so much for all of your comments on your busy summers, they made me feel so much better! I'm struggling with trying to balance my work and my need to let myself do what I need to do. I am constantly reminding myself that this is the reason I am a stay at home mom. The whole reason we are making this big financial sacrifice is for me to spend quality time with my kids while they are STILL kids. I catch myself trying to find things for them to do so that I can get some work and that's not what I really want. So, if my blog and my art are a little neglected it is for a good reason. I look at them (my kids) every day and I feel like I can actually see them growing. Alex has been getting into bed with us again lately and I have to say I really don't mind. He kicks me, throws his arms over my throat and face, completely hogs our queen size bed but I don't care. He's 5 now and I know soon he won't want to give me all of the attention he does now.
Speaking of quality time....we had our very first Emergency Room visit yesterday. Jake fell and hit his face on the brick hearth of my neighbors fireplace. What a mess. Three stitches, xrays and a CAT Scan, and a black eye later he's doing fine. I guess I'm fortunate that we went 9 years without such a visit but I hope we are done for a while. He looks like he got into a fight!

So I am now going to try to get a shower, get to the party store to get some things for the boy's birthday absh on Saturday, make Dr.'s appointments for my little patients, and try to find some time for work. But if it doesn't happen, it's ok:)

Have a great summer day!


katydiddy said...

Welcome to Glitter & Grunge. Love your artwork! I'll be visiting again soon!

Laura Bray aka katydid designs

Kim H. said...

Oh my your poor little guy! Glad that he is going to be ok!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! glad to hear he's ok. how did he 'fall' onto the fireplace...trip?

jen duncan said...

Oh, Poor guy! Nothing makes you feel quite so sick at your stomach as when you see your baby get hurt. :-( I'm glad he's okay.

michelle said...

You are right,it does fly. I have that same exact problem, find myself trying to keep them busy so I can do something else. Yikes! They will be gone before we know it! And double Yikes! Poor little face! I just keep waiting for one of my boys to do something like that, they are always racing around! Hope he feels better!

~dani~ said...

Family has to come first...but very hard to balance. What a trooper your lil love is all bruised up. So, glad he is ok.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Oh my goodness! Poor little guy! I hope he recovers fast! His expression is enough to make me cry. You are lucky you went this long.