Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Urge to Purge...

Maybe it was spending a week in a house with completely empty cabinets and closets but when I came home from vacation last weekend all I could see was clutter. Too many clothes, too much toys, cluttered closets and crowded drawers. So starting Monday I tore up both of the boy's bedrooms getting rid of old clothes and toys. No, the kids were not happy to give up any toys, even the ones they don't play with. So I did the sneaky mom thing and told them I was just putting them away for later when in reality I'm going donate them to charity as soon as they are away at school:) They will never be missed!
So I still haven't been able to have much time in the studio but hopefully that will change this week when the kids start school. We had a back to school camp out in our backyard Friday night as our last hurrah of the summer. As soon as the tent went up the neighborhood kids came out like ants to a picnic! We toasted marshmallows and read silly stories and danced to
They Might Be Giants tunes on the patio. It was a great time!

Here are my two September offerings for Glitter and Grunge. They will be available tomorrow so if you are interested in them you can contact me here.

And here are my two other works in progress...hopefully I will have them finished by the end of the week and I will put them in my Etsy shop.

This little house ornament is actually finished and is made from paper clay over cardboard with collaged vintage paper, acrylic paints and mica. It's 6 1/2" tall not counting the puff of smoke!It will be $18.00. I'm going to put it in my shop but if you can't wait, email me!

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Labor Day!!!


~dani~ said...

Tracy your new pieces are so wonderful! I need a Christmas ornie from you for sure!!!

I know exactly what you mean about the purge. Our beach house was the same way and I came wanted to start anew with nothing in the house!

Well except for my all my art goodies of course!

sMacThoughts said...

I have so much catching up here on your blog. The ornaments are fantastic and reminding me to get my holiday cards ready for my shop. I could go for a toasted marshmallow right about now!

michelle said...

Cute pictures of your boys at the top! Sad to see summer end but hurrah for getting a little time to create!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Tracy! I guess a lot of us artist-mothers have been having a great time this summer! And I guess we are all ready to go back to work seriously too... Aren't we lucky we always have something to look forward to? Love your new pieces and loooove your paintings, they are my favorites! Have a great week! LuLu

Kim H. said...

So sad that summer has ended and school is starting! Hopefully it will be an easy time for us all!

Love you new pieces! I am not a fan of Christmas but your stuff is so cool you are making me want to decorate for Christmas! SMILE!

Heather said...

oh you sneaky mom! ;)
But I know what you mean, kids accumulate so much *stuff*
your ornaments are looking awesome too, so cute!

CourtneyP said...

How funny you are. I do the same thing, my kids think we have a magic closet that expands to a secret world. I love the picture of the boys , so cute.

Jenn said...

Hi Tracy! Such a cute photo of the boys:):) I do the same thing with toys!! If it were up to my kids we would never give anything away. The tent looked like great fun and I love They Might Be Giants:) Here Come The ABC's is a regular around here:)

love all your new things...especially the house!!! so adorable! I could move right in:)

Happy week to you...xox

Anonymous said...

I think that you've really grown creatively in the past few months. Your work is splitting off into so many new venues, I love it! Fabulous work and I'm especially partial to your houses :)

As for the clutter, I'm right with you. With a birthday this Fall and Christmas not too far off we have to de-clutter.