Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Here...

Hello Friends,
The last Spooky Time Jingles update before Christmas and we are offering "Site Wide" FREE shipping! You can't beat that with a peppermint stick:) I have been contacted by a few people who wish to purchase "Holly" so to be fair to all, I will accept the first email I receive on the 13th. But never fear, I will be doing more if you like to go to bed early like me! Remember, Spooky Time Jingles is updated as close to midnight EST as possible. Sometimes there are a few technical glitches but for the most part, they have been pretty on time.
Here is a preview of what The Vintage Sister will be offering!

SOLD thank you!!

" Holly" Nestie + Trinket Box

SOLD!! Thank you!

"Hazel" Nestie 3 3/4"

Snowy Angel assemblage 13" tall

Thank you all SO, SO much for all of the encouragement regarding my new clay gals. I couldn't find nicer blog friends, honest! A few people commented that they reminded them of Jenn's "Lulettes" and I have to agree that Jenn has been an inspiration to me. Jenn is not only a lovely artist but a lovely person too and I am a huge fan of her work. In fact, you will see one of her paintings hanging in my living room later on in this post:) My other source of inspiration comes from Christine at DuBuhDu Designs. If you don't know her or her work, she makes to most amazing polymer dolls that you just HAVE to see. A while back she did some paintings of her dolls and I remember thinking, "Hey, that's a clever idea. I should make dolls of my paintings." So that was where the seed was planted. I get bored very easy so that is why I make so many different kinds of things but I hope to make a few more of these figures and have an update soon.

I am in the middle of finishing two more commissioned family portraits that need to go out before Christmas. Here is one I just finished for Liz from TwoLeft Hands. If you buy or sell on Etsy, you probably know her and her fabulous shop. I painted her and her five siblings as a gift to her father who always says he wants "Six Nice Kids" for Christmas. So this is what I came up with. I had a good time with this one! I am also happy to tell you that with my new printer, I can make prints and note cards of your family portraits for extra gift giving goodies.

Last but not are a few pictures of my house now that I am FINALLY getting it together after the remodel and painting craziness. Eeek! This is the longest post I've ever done!

Red living room wall with framed prints from Tascha and Jenn!

The small bit of decorating I've done so vintage bottle brush tree collection with my grandmothers skaters.

Where the red wall and yellow wall beloved Frida doll by Tascha.

Framed giant number/bird flash cards. I've had these framed and
sitting in my studio for over a year and a half, just waiting to be hung up.

New french doors that lead to , and HIDE, my messy studio:)

Said messy studio....only a peek at the cleaner part!

Awesome red, white and blue tree I scored on my trip with my sister to Adamstown, PA.

My absolute FAVORITE bottle brush's REALLY old and it makes music when it spins! A delightful gift from my sister years ago.

Also from my grandmother....they have a name but I forget it right now.

...and these are from her too.

They need some snow!

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to fetch my keys from the Chinese restaurant I left them at last night....DON'T ASK!!!

Have a great weekend!


Kim H. said...

Oh my I am just giddy looking all your wonderful creations! Not asking about the keys! SMILE!

~dani~ said...

Wow, what a fun post! So many insider goodies to see!! hugs~

mystele said...

everything looks great! and, i must say that i think your clay figures look like you. own it, girl. lovin the house and studio, too! yay!!!

Cris said...

I love your new little clay figures! So Cute! And your house looks AWESOME! I totally enjoyed looking at your antique decorations. so much fun! And what fun to have a new studio just for you! PS You have an award on my blog.

Artfulife said...

Oh my gooodness! The boxes for your little Nesties are cute to boot! I love the pictures of your room update. Everything looks so lovely. Your little Nesties are totally your style, I hope I didn't sound smug. I would think it a compliment to be compared to Noodle & Lou. All artists pull inspiration from other artists and creative people. Thats what makes the world of art so much fun. Yours look different, I just meant the concept was similar & people love them. Hope you weren't mad. I love your stuff. Hope you have a great weekend.

elma said...

Oh I love the pictures of your house and studio. Very very nice!!

tascha said...

Love all the Christmas decorations!
Frida looks so happy there too!

Ronnie said...

This was such a pleasure to look at, I got lost for a while! Thanks. Your art is adorable. Great remodel.

julie king said...

you are so talented! loving all your decorations!

Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

oops...I don't know what I'm doing Tracy...I just deleted my comment by accident! Everything looks really cute!! xoxo..jenn

Anonymous said...

These are awesone Tracy!! Thank you for the mention..that means alot to hear that and it fun to see how we each can inspire our fellow artists. You definitely have your own style and they are the perfect compliment to your wonderful paintings!!
Have a wonderful Christmas Tracy!!

Jazze Junque Inc. said...

These are so much fun to see.