Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sewing, Painting, Laundry, More Painting...

This is my life!
I think I have probably lost a few pounds this week, yay! With all of my rushing around I have only stopped to snack every once in a while. My studio is finally complete and I have already managed to junk it up! I just threw all of my stuff back in time to organize just yet. The rest of the house is getting back in order as well. I still need to buy a few tables and a lamp or two and then hang all of the framed photos, artwork, etc. Whew! I need a drink.

Here is a sneek peek at what I will have in my "Red Friday" Etsy shop update.

"Red Trio" 5" x 7"

"Skating, Skating..."

5" x 7"

I'm going to try to get some holiday cards made of these if I have time. I'm also working on some more ornaments. We have a lot of great shops joining in on Friday so be sure to click on the "Red Friday" badge at the top left of my blog to see all of the participants!

Have a great night!


Cris said...

Hi! Those paintings would make wonderful Christmas cards! Funny, I was just sitting down to try and figure out how to do that with pictures on my computer. I can't wait to see pictures of your new studio! Fun, fun!

michelle said...

They would make really great cards! I am so excited for red Friday!

Victorian Lady said...

You just do the cutest paintings! :)

Always a joy to visit you!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

All your new pieces are so cute! Good Luck for Red Friday!!! Thanks for including me too!

Jenny said...


You're one of my nominees for the "One Lovely blog" award! Come by & visit!



Artfulife said...

So cute!