Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Sooooo Cold!

Hello Friends,
Here I sit at my computer wearing my fleece pj's and Ugg boots. Not my usual attire but my feet were sooooo cold. Now I just need some Ugg pants...maybe an Ugg jumpsuit of sorts. Do these exist? For years I have shunned these boots because of their UGGliness (sorry Ugg lovers) but I broke down and bought a pair before our trip to the mountains. Let me just say that it was money very well spent. I wear them all day. Indoors. Outdoors. I would even wear them to bed if my husband would permit. And as an added bonus, you don't wear socks and if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you know that I have issues with laundry...the less the better. It's a mere 9 degrees here in Southern New Jersey. I know a lot of you are saying big deal! I've read a lot of blog posts lately regarding -40 and such so I will just say's cold and I don't like it!!

I took some pictures of my still unfinished studio. I am still trying to find some time to get to Ikea for some much needed storage items. Shelves, boxes, magazine bins, etc. So take a look, click to enlarge to see the nitty gritty of my artsy room.

L shaped work area in need of a skirt to hide my boxes.

Also needed are better looking boxes:)

Little window that my kids and husband like to peek at me through.

My painting area with my inspiration board above.

My craft armoire. Hidden behind the curtain are about 15 plastic bins with all kinds of goodies. I should have taken a picture for you...maybe next time. See the little heater on the left? I close the french doors and turn that baby on and roast myself....lovely!!!
If you live where it's cold, keep warm. If however you live in a climate that is above 50 degrees, send us some warm thoughts, will ya?


michelle said...

I can't tell you how tempted I have been to get some Uggs too! And I think they are ugly too. But warm is important! We are just average cold here, aroung 28. My aunt in Minnesota calls everyday for a weather report, "It is -47 and the kids have to go to school". It is getting to be a joke around here! Love your space, you have me itching for my own again!

Cris said...

oh, I am so envious that you have your own room all to yourself!! It looks wonderful. I have one table devoted to my "studio" in my office. I love how your kitty is peeking in the french door on the first photo! He/She looks to be saying, "done yet, Momma?"

mystele said...

yay!!! what a great space! have fun adding the additional storage items. then, take more photos for decorating junkies like me. :)

stay warm.

XUE said...

I'm also in my fleece but my fingers are the ones that's freezing as I type comments or sew items. Even with fingerless gloves. In Tokyo, we wake up to temps of 2 to 5 degress Celsius ( lower 30s Fahrenheit). End of the week, I'll be in Singapore, a tropical island just one degree noth of the Equator. There, temps will average 27 deg C (80s & 90s). I will perspire & think of you!

I always enjoy looking at pics of work areas so thank you for this post! It is a lovely studio & I do like the armoir & evrything. Really neat too! I am also preparing a post of my studio but hv to tidy up first!

Elma said...

Love your studio!! The wall color is sooo nice. Did you make the doll under the tree? So cute. We are ready for spring here:) The snow is so beautiful and I love how my wash smells when you hang it out in the winter but its time for warmer weather. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tammy said...

The uggs maybe ugly but very warm. I too am sitting in the studio with jammies and uggs on and it is 11am. Help!!!

Love your space.

Thelma-Art said...

I love you new studio. Take care.

nollyposh said...

Your workrOOm is loverley! X;-)