Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!!

A heart shaped chip Alex found.

Two pillows I made for my living room couch. The one in the back that is partially covered is made from a funky vintage handkerchief my grandmom found for me where she lives. I am in the process of making some pillows similar to this that I plan to put in my Etsy shop.

A few peeks at the new pillows.
Well, I'm off to clean my very messy house so please eat some chocolate for me:)


Cris said...

The pillows are really cute. I love the different textures. I have a weakness for throw pillows and throws, but at my house they always end up on the floor when the family is watching TV. Ugh!

michelle said...

Have a fun Valentines's Day, I'm off to eat that chocolate!

Ronnie said...

Pretty pillows. A lot of work in these. Especially like the big heart with all that stitching.
Did somebody eat that CHIP!?
Enjoy the clean house. :)