Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Tote!

Here it is... an new little tote bag with a sweet little nest head made from vintage fabric and hand embroidery. This is my first embroidery project so I'm happy with the way it turned out. I'm thinking she needs a bird friend, or two. We'll see. I will have these available in the shop hopefully by the weekend. Every one is made from found fabrics so most bags will be one of a kind due to limited quantity. It's a gloomy day here so there was no good light for a photo.
I think this would make a great library tote or
maybe I'll use one to carry my sketch book and pencil case...hmmm.

Tonight is girls night out with my sister and we are going to dinner here. $2.00 off Martini's tonight! Watch out!! The restaurant is located in a cute little village of old homes turned into shops. This is where the gallery I was thinking of joining is located, in fact my sister and I have taken a yoga class that's held in the gallery. Although I was very excited at the gallery idea, I don't think it's going to happen in this particular one. First it costs $100.00 a year for membership plus $50.00 a MONTH! I'm not saying it's not worth it but that is way out of my realm of possibilities right now. I'm sure most of you know what I mean. So I've been doing some research and I have found a few places that sell on consignment so maybe that's what I'll do. I've had my art in shops across the country in the past but I don't think I gave it a chance so maybe I'll try again. I just know that I am ready to move on to something other than Etsy.
My goal this year is to break out of my comfort zone and try to put myself out there a bit. We have community enrichment classes in our town that are always looking for new instructors.
I've been thinking a lot about doing one but

#1 being the center of attention scares the bejeezus out of me

#2 I'm not sure what I could teach.

Tell me, what thing that I do, would you be interested in me teaching you? Don't be shy...if it's nothing, say nothing. I'd rather be mortified by my blog friends than hearing crickets chirp in a classroom full of strangers, lol.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Well, I'm off to serve the family their dinner, taco's.It is our cat Lucky's
favorite night of the week because she likes to sit underJake's chair and
eat all of the shredded cheese he manages to drop on the floor.
Now if she could just learn to use the duster....

Have a great night!


Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Tracey I love your work and would be very happy to be taught by you!

I have taught a class before and I know exactly what you mean I was terrified of the exact same things. If there is any advice I could give you it would be this:

People like to leave with what they have made from the class (in our case- art!) For my class everyone had little packs ready including canvas,brushes & collage papers and we recreated a painting I had brought in. Even though everyone copied the same painting, everyone's turned out different. Along the way I explained the processes I used and helped them along.

Sorry for the long post, but I say go for it! You will be great!
Kaili x

Naija said...

love it

Janel said...

I love the totes! I want one for sure!!! Sew cute! :D

jen duncan said...

LOVE the bag Tracy. I think you're right--she could use a bird friend or two.
I can't imagine what to suggest you teach because I am of the mind that one can either paint or they can't. period. You can paint. I cannot. That's just the way it is (in my narrow little world). But at least we can BUY from the good painters like you!

Heidi said...

I've been thinking a lot about this very same issue. My thought is a teaching school. I agree with Kaili about wanting to take home what you've learned. I would be interested in taking a cooking class, painting class or even a dance class.

Linda B said...

I would LOVE to attend any class that you taught! Don't cut yourself short. BTW, I love the tote!

CourtneyP said...

Love the tote. I really think you should give some shops a try. Your work would do so well. I teach at a local studio to adults, and I am teaching a kids class at the local community college. I was really scared at first , but if you teach what you know and love , it just comes together.

I myself did not approach the galleries due to the cost. Consignment has worked great for me and it is really a win/win for you and the shop owner, escpecially in this market.

I would take a class you taught. You are a wonderfully talented artist and have much to offer other artists as well as those who want to perk up their creativity.

You succeed just by trying so there is nothing to loose.

Do it!!

mystele said...

girl! are you kidding me? you have a wealth of talent to share...remember that your local community is probably not inundated with artsy stuff like your online community is. seriously, how fun would it be to make one of these awesome totes!!! you could teach sketching facial features, stitching, collage all in one class. simple enough to whet their whistles for the next class! what about an aceo class? you are so good at what you do, tracy. i'm gonna be praying about this for you- just that God would reveal the right subject for you to latch onto. and, as far as the attention thing goes, i hear you. i can't stand it either, but i do the youtube videos. i LOVE encouraging others to create more than i don't like being in front of people. it's so motivating to be a help and it's a blessing for me in return. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

michelle said...

I would love to learn anything you were teaching! I love the new bag! Any chance of you making a PDF pattern? Maybe not, it has been so scary lately with the rotten blog pirates as I think of them, stealing other folks ideas. I love embroidery though and would love to try a pattern like that.

Micki said...

The tote bag is gorgeous!
You really should get into teaching some classes and like every one else has said that could be anything, you are very talented in a lot of art and craft areas!

I have taught a childrens craft class from ages 7 to 14 and loved it, it is very rewarding!
Most local communities are crying out for people to take classes, you should really look into it, i'm sure you would love it!

Micki x

Cris said...

The tote bag is an awesome idea! I love it! Very neat! Like you said, it would be great to carry around your sketching supplies--I am always gathering up pad, pencils and erasures from room to room.

I think it would be neat if you did classes. Even people who already do arts and crafts love to learn from other people. My sister Jennifer (Tamale Cat Art Studio) and I are constantly asking each other questions about how we do different things with different mediums, yet I think our styles are still different. I say, go for it!

elma said...

Oh Tracey I Love Love the bag. I mus have one. I just love your art!!

Julie said...

love, love all of your work! So happy to be a follower : )

Victorian Lady said...

I love it!! :)


julie king said...

you would be a wonderful teacher. i'm sure anyone would be delighted to take a class of yours. i know what you mean about not liking to be the center of attention but i also know that you are trying to spread your wings and grow. this would be an excellent opportunity to do just that!!!

julie king said...

i forgot to say that the totes are so very cute!!!

nollyposh said...

Oh gOOdneSS! Anything & everything you do! X:-)

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey Tracy!

I hope you are having a terrific Girl's Night Out with your sister. You would be a fabulous teacher and if I lived in your town, I would take a class...I'm right with you, too, on trying to break out and do something new. All the best. Now, I'm off to your shop!

Ciao bella,