Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shut up and Paint!

Not you...ME!!
This is my new motto.
I'm a big procrastinator but I like to say I'm a big thinker.
I think about things want to make, the different directions I want my art to go in,
the different things I'd like to try.
But I always get held up with the subject matter.
What should I paint? A little girl ? But I already did that.
What about a little boy? I already did that too.
So the other day I got to thinking...I look at other artist's work all the time and most of them paint pretty much the same things over and over again.
So did all the Masters.
I mean how many times did Van Gogh paint himself anyway?
So with this in mind I decided to just shut up and paint. Since I took on this new attitude I have created three, well, two and a half new paintings in the past four days.
I say 2 1/2 because the one I am currently working on is still in the works as you will see below.

Now all of this creativeness comes with a price and the price is....
A messy, messy studio. I have paper all over the floor, my palette in caked with dried paint and in desperate need of a soak but I can't yet because I need to remember the flesh tones I used for this painting. I thought I'd share a few studio pictures so all of you folks who have said how "Neat" my home is can see the real deal.

The "Brown Eyed Girls" above are in need of some funky Vintage Sister style hair. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this one but I will know it when I find it.
Have a wonderful week!


CourtneyP said...

Love them already. I am so happy to see that someone else works the same way I do. Sometimes I have to dig my way out of a long creative time .... literally!

pinkglitterfae said...

your studio is cleaner than mine, haha! You sound just like me, procrastination is my middle name. Glad to see you just jumped in and painted, in fact 'shut up and paint' would be a great sign to put up where you see it every day.
I love this new painting already! Can't wait to see it done.

sUz said...

hi tRacy!

Your girls are GORGEOUS! So elegant.

Believe me, your studio is neat and tidy compared to mine.

iN jOy,

Sue said...

Your brown-eyed gals are
going to be wonderful! It's interesting how so many of us seem to have a problem with procrastination, er, "thinking". LOL. Maybe it has something to do with the right/left brain thing.

Same with the studio mess. The more I work on something, the higher my mess gets. BUT - I still know where everything is.

michelle said...

I love peeking in people's work spaces! I always wondered what sort of paint you use, now I know! Are they going to have pattern hair? What a great idea! They are really lovely. And good for you, the mess is probably going to show up whether you create or not and you will have lovely work to show for it! Besides, I think I could out-mess you anytime!

Heather said...

haha, "yes ma'am!"
Your new painting looks so sweet, love their big brown eyes!

Artfulife said...

Love it! Now I myself am going to take your advice and get busy.

Micki said...

lol my art room is worse than that at the moment I can tell you ;)
Your new painting looks beautiful, I can't wait to see it finished.
Don't you just love it when you suddenly find your 'mojo'?


Micki x

mystele said...

i am SO there.

sMacThoughts said...

Oooh! They are lovely lasses! Can't wait to see how they end up!

Ronnie said...

Hey! Are you inside my brain?!?!?
I am so relieved there are others out there going through the paaain and suffering of crEation!!! Blahhhhhh!
It just seems so dang personal sometimes. I mean, good grief, "these things" fall right out of our heads! What are people to think! Sometimes when I list a painting on Etsy, I add "artist's angst" as part of the materials used list!
This latest sisters thing you're doing looks really interesting to me. Provocative. It's got EMOTION!
It's good.

Sandy Mastroni said...

I like this painting of the three women as it is right now !
and I like the others in your past posts too !!!!!
Ronnie is so right
angst is one of the materials
I think I'll just draw vacuum cleaners .

XUE said...

It's always great to have a glimpse of someone's working space so I'm glad to view these pics of yours. I feel better knowing there are others out there as "organised" or as dis-organised like me! I hv piles of mess everywhere but I do know where my stuff are - most of the times! I am lucky to hv a studio where I can close the door, once it gets too overwhelming.

julie king said...

i posted photos of my messy art room this morning! too funny! it is interesting that you have all the moments of thinking. sometimes it is easy to see the work of an artist like you and assume that all that creativity just rolls right off the end of the brush. i am glad to know that you contemplate your subject matter just like me. smile! the brown eyed girls are looking great,