Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Silly Little Book

Hello Friends,
I was dusting a bookshelf the other day and I discovered, tucked behind the Harry Potter series, this funny little book I thought I had lost. It's called "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories" by Tim burton. I know you all know who Tim Burton is! This is a book of silly, sometimes morbid little stories with crazy characters that only the mind of Tim burton could come up with. Here is a little one...

Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love

Stick Boy liked Match girl,

he liked her a lot.

He liked her cute figure,

he thought she was hot.

All of the illustrations are from him too and you can really see a lot of his movies through his drawings.

Here is a cute but morbid little guy...

The Boy With Nails in His Eyes

The Boy with Nails in His Eyes

put up his aluminum tree.

It looked pretty strange

because he couldn't really see.

Ok, so I know this book isn't for everyone but I simply love it!

Here is a little peek at my latest work in progress. I have had this guy in my sketchbook for the past few months, ever since I started the skinny people. So I decided to continue with the circus/carnival theme ...

Yes, yes, he is lifting cats. He's still in the very early stages but I think he's quite handsome:)

Don't you?

Have a great day!!


Sue said...

I have to see if I can find
that book! It is so warped and wonderful!

Your WIP is very handsome!

Micki said...

Love that book! my favourite is Roy the toxic boy, my hubby has a t shirt with him on!
My favourite band 'creature feature' are like tim burton in songs, you might like them ;)

Love the new guy too, love all your boys they are gorgeous!!

Micki x

jen duncan said...

Can't say I'm lovin' the nails in the eyes, but I do love the cat-lifting circus performer. Very creative :-)

XUE said...

Hey Laurie!...I think I've seen yr handsome cat-lifter lifting kids in a small circus somewhere in Germany! Really, no kidding! :)
I can't go to such circus actually as there's always animals & I'm allergic to hay. You can tell there's a circus nearby if I sneeze 20 times in a row. Now, today, there's no circus nearby but there's the pollen to set me off!

julie king said...

i'm loving this guy and think your circus theme will be very popular!!!