Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

My wish for today is that no one is around to read this post because you are all too busy doing fabulous things like getting a massage, or eating bonbons in bed while your family waits on you hand and foot. But I know better... wink, wink.
I have been up since 6:00 cleaning, cooking and getting ready for our Mother's Day brunch. Then we're off to my Mother In-laws for another round of festivities.
But I do want to say that my boy's have some surprises up their sleeves for me today and I can't wait to give them lots of hugs and kisses because this day wouldn't be MY day if it wasn't for them. Thank you Jake and Alex for bringing my so much happiness and making my life so much more meaningful! I love you both BIG MUCH!
Have a great day!!


Sue said...

It sounds like you have a lovely day planned! Happy Mother's Day to you!!

julie king said...

i'm sure your little guys will give you the wonderful day that you so deserve!!! happy mother's day!!

sMacThoughts said...

Happy Mother's Day, Tracy!