Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Swimmers and an Announcement

Hello Friends,
The sun still hasn't shown it's face in NJ this month but everything is as green as can be. That's the positive I'm trying to put on this depressing weather. It figures that the very first season that I try to grow vegetables, we have zero sun. I guess it will be interesting.

See that tiny little bumpy thing? Don't strain your eyes. It's a cucumber, yay!

Tiny little tomatoes.

The lavender on the front walk is going CRAZY! I snipped some and hung it in the shed for making sachets later on. We'll see how that goes.

Some kind of wee critter is nibbling on my sweet potato vine but I kind of like the lacey look:)

More blooms from the yard.
When we first bought this house 9 years ago, there was nothing. Just some overgrown evergreens and a few hostas. So I'm very pleased that everything I have planted over the years is finally filling out the beds and look beautiful.

New vintage swim couple.

SOLD Thank You!!

I worked on these two yesterday. I just love painting this swim couple so I decided to paint them a more "formal" portrait. They are painted on wood plaques with French corners. I painted the sides gold and gave them a slight antique glaze. I should have them in the shop later this evening.

*** They are now in the shop***

And now for the announcement....this is my 198th post, and you know what that means?


This is a biggie so I will have to come up with something special.
Don't you think?
Check back soon!
Have a great day:)


Anonymous said...

WOWZERS what pretty photos! Your swimmers are great! Ohhhh I can't wait to see what you are doing for your 200 post giveaway!

Micki said...

Your swimmers are just gorgeous, and I am so there for your giveaway ;)

Micki x

Sue said...

Love your new swim couple! Also enjoyed seeing all the beautiful plants that you have nurtured!

jen duncan said...

You should be so proud of your garden Tracy. A lot of people are doing good just to maintain what was already there!
Love your swim couple. Not surprised at all that it sold right away. :-)

julie king said...

love the purple clematis!! i had lacy sweet potato vine last summer as well but so far this year the bugs haven't found it.

your swim couple always makes me smile and yearn for simpler days when ladies still wore swim caps. hee hee