Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poor Little guy...

Hello Friends,
We had another busy week here with end of the year school activities. This spring has been a bit dreary. If it isn't raining, it's cloudy. Bummer.

But that didn't stop us from having a great time at Paws Farm here in Mt. Laurel. Alex's class had a field trip on Thursday and the kids had a ball. In a converted barn they have a nature display behind glass. It's a wilderness scene with several real stuffed critters. An owl, a skunk, a fox and all have seen much better days. I found this one in particular both disturbing and hysterical. I'm not sure why.

Eeek! He's so old and dried out that his face is falling off. I know, gross, right? Maybe I shouldn't be sharing this with you all. If you're offended, I apologize! I showed my husband and we both cracked up. I'm just glad the kids didn't really get a good look and start asking questions.

I finally finished my latest family portrait. This is a couple and their 7 adopted children...yes, 7! I wish I could share their family website with you because they are truly the most beautiful looking kids. This is the largest portrait I've done so far both in the quantity of people and the canvas size. This one is 18" x 24". I hope they like it.

And this is the latest piece for sale in my shop.

This is acrylics, pencil, paper and bees wax on an 8"x10" canvas panel. You can visit her here.

Now that I'm finished up with the last of my commissions, I'm going to get started in the studio. I have a bunch of canvas ATC's that I will be working on as well as some polymer pins. Also, I'm putting together a pack of ATC prints that you can either collect or frame. Stay tuned:)

Enjoy your weekend!


mystele said...

girrrrrrl, these paintings are amazing. AMAZEENG.

Micki said...

your paintings are fantastic, i'm sure the family will love it!

The animal is scary as hell, i'm suprised the kids weren't screaming lol!
My daughter would be really creeped out by that i'm sure.
I thought it was hilarious though, but then i'm weird like that ;)

Micki x

Cris said...

The paintings are wonderful! I love all your commissioned pieces. I know what you mean, tho, about getting to paint what you want!

About the animal (I couldn't even recognize what it was suppose to be!), I laughed aloud about it. It sure is something that my kids would have cracked up about years later, ha ha You think your kids didn't notice, but they may surprise you by bringing it up in about 5 years and cracking up over it.

jen duncan said...

I tried not to look too long at the animal (couldn't really tell WHAT it was!) but I sure do love both of these paintings Tracy. You just get better and better!

michelle said...

Yikes! I find myself creeped out and amused at the same time too! Love the family portrait! They look like and amazing family!

Sue said...

Yes, that poor little guy is disturbingly hysterical!

Your paintings on the other hand, are fantastic!

Ronnie said...

Love the cracked up animal pic. The mermaid is BEAUTIFUL. I'm going in for a better look. Have fun out there!

Ronnie said...

She is GONE! Not surprised!

julie king said...

some days i feel like my face may fall off as well. hee hee

love the mermaid painting. i see it sold already. no surprise. it really is delightful!!

Moonfairys Dreamland said...

Aaaaaaw, poor little thing. My fingers itch to try to fix him.

Wonderful painting, it gives me a lovely summer feel.