Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yay for Fall!

Fun with leaves and blue tape!

Hello Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather as much as I am. Crisp cool mornings, breezy sunny afternoons, leaves falling from the trees. I love the change of seasons but I think fall has to be my favorite. I just love all of the decorating possibilities! I started putting a few things up in the beginning of the month but I have lots of plans and I will share the pictures with you as soon as I'm finished.

The art show I told you about was ok. Not great but not horrible. It rained for a few hours but I still made a few sales and got a lot of positive feedback. There were a bunch of lovely Etsy NJ artists so it was nice to put faces to the names. I'm still not sure if shows are the thing for me but I think I will give it another try. Thanks again to my sister for coming with me even though she was sick with bronchitis. She's the best! I will post pictures of my set up as soon as I get them from my photographer (also my sis).

Here are four little 4x6 paintings that will be in my shop hopefully this evening. They have little twine hangers attached so you can hang them wherever you want. They are done in acrylics on wood with vintage text and a yummy bees wax finish. I have to say they are so much cuter in person...plus they smell nice! These pictures were taken pre-bees wax.

So now that the show craziness is over, I feel like I can finally get into the groove of a schedule. I NEED a schedule to keep me sane. Do you? I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, but I always feel a little bit off center when I'm all over the place. My mom wasn't big on schedules when I was growing up so it's been a challenge for me to initiate them for myself and my kids. Wish me luck!


Diva Kreszl said...

just darling!

michelle said...

I haven't been blogging as much lately, it seems like forever since I have seen some of you cute new folks. Love them!

Micki said...

Oh make me a schedule too!!!
I so neeeed some stability, i'm all over the place at the moment, the house is filthy, I have a million and one paintings waiting to do. lol it's crazy here!!

Your new paintings are gorgeous!!

I'm glad your show went ok, even if it did rain for a bit, you should definately do another!!

Micki x

Cris said...

I had to come look at what your little boy had on his face. ha ha, Isn't that just like a boy? I hope his lips didn't come off with the tape. I LOVE the 4 new little paintings!! Adorable!!