Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One More Thing...

One more thing I meant to put in the post below...
I did a load of laundry on Sunday.
I opened the dryer to find a ton of little crispy brown pieces.
Upon further inspection, I realized they were dried leaf bits.
It seems Mr. Alex filled up the pockets of his cargo pants with colorful leaves and I didn't check.
So I had to use the dust buster to clean out the dryer and the lint trap.
At least it wasn't gum:)


Micki said...

We are both doing well aren't we? In my son's trouser pocket on Sunday was his mobile phone, completely ruined!! He walks home from school on his own so I like him to be able to get in touch if needed, we had to go out and buy another!! Kids eh? ;)

Micki x

Diva Kreszl said...

Ahhh...the joys of little boys, we never know what's in their pockets!

julie king said...

funny!! i tend to leave kleenex in my sweater and pants pockets. they make a nice mess in the dryer as well.

Victorian Lady said...

You are having a time of it aren't you? I hope you didn't sick from the soup! My dd left her cell phone in her pants and it went through the laundry! At least she can find hers...Madeline must have gotten to mine...I have given up and will buy a new one tomorrow.

Hang in there! Glad the art show went well! I'm doing my first on the 24th! Talk about NERVOUS!