Saturday, November 14, 2009

Red Friday!

Bringing back Red Friday!

If you remember, last year a bunch of us Etsy sellers got together and created our very own version of Black Friday. But instead of it being the Friday after Thanksgiving, we had it the Friday after that. Let's face it. Most of us are busy mom's and we need at least a week to recover from the cooking and cleaning of the holiday.

So this year, Red Friday will be held on December 4th

All Etsy sellers are invited to participate in this event.

All you have to do is...

*Email me and give me the link to your shop

*Make an announcement on your Blog and/or your Etsy Shop page

*Offer FREE SHIPPING for the day of the sale.

The fabulous Dani from Ambitions Design/Spooky Time Jingles is creating another Badge that I will make available for you to post in your blog and I will have a running list with all of the current links to all of your fabulous shops here.
Check it out and see all of the artisits who participated last year.
Hope to see you there!!!


Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey My Friend!

I was going to ask you if you were going to host the Red Friday event again this year. Count me in! I will post about it this week.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Tracy.

Ciao bella,

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I'd like to participate!