Thursday, December 17, 2009

And the Winner is....a day early.

The entries have been stuck on 15 for three days now so I decided to just go ahead and pick one. Maybe the winner will get her in time for Christmas!
Diva Kreszl!
You are the WINNER!

Congratulations! Polly is ever so pleased to be staying in her native land, NJ;)
Just shoot me an email ( with your address and I'll send her right out to you.

A few holiday photos as I'm down with a cold and have nothing nice to say today.

Day 17 is here!

Cute little guys.

Our family room tree. It's a little sad this year.
This was the last of the decorating to go up and I think it shows.
I'll do better next year, I promise.

Studio cat. Not really a holiday pic but her chair is red.

Enjoy your day!
I'm going to bed,


Micki said...

I felt sure that your little giveaway wanted a visit to the uk, obviously it decided that as it is minus 3 degrees here at the mo it would be better off staying in the states ;)
Congratulations to the winner!!

Micki x

The Vintage Sister said...

Oh, she's wearing a muff so i'm sure she'd be warm. Sorry you didn't win micki!!

Sue said...

Congrats to the winner!

Loved seeing your holiday pics - did you create the sled pulling group? Looks like authentic vintage/antique folk art (love it!).

Hope your cold gets better FAST!!


The Vintage Sister said...

Yes Sue, they are vintage Barclay lead figures. They are my FAVORITE decorations. My grandmother put them out every year on a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil. Her version of a "icy pond". Then she passed them om to me. I use a vintage mirror I bought at a tag sale.

Diva Kreszl said...

Oh my!!! I'm so excited that Polly will be coming to live with the mother of five sons I could use another female around here! I just love your work and really enjoy visiting your blog, hope you're feeling much better soon!

Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................

Sandy Mastroni said...

Tracy ... I laughed so hard ... Loved your Christmas photos of your boys by the tree
[ and your other miserable posts ... ha ha ]
Have a wonderful Christmas !