Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

This morning was very, very, very wet.
Raining buckets wet.

7:30 Jumped into the car in my PJ's to sit with Jake at the bus stop.

7:40 Ran back home to get Alex all ready to do the same.

8:00 Go to the bus stop and Alex suggests I just drive him right to school.

Good idea!
Not so much.

8:06 Pull up in front of school and Alex jumps out....slips, falls butt first into the small river that is flowing where the curb meets the street.

8:06:10 Tears, lots of tears.

8:07 Get back in car, drive back home.

8:13 Change jeans, Underoos (Iron Man, I believe), socks, new coat, new sneakers.

8:17 Hop back in car.

8:23 Pull up in front of school, again.

8:23:06 Hop out, pick him up and place him on the sidewalk.
(I'm not taking any chances)

8:23:07 A few separation anxiety tears (why I don't like to drive him to school)

8:30 Home, whew!

The next six hours involve cleaning and laundry so I'll spare you the details.
You're welcome.


jen duncan said...

Oh my gosh Tracy. That about wraps up my life only with GRANDchildren. And it's getting harder and harder to spend that inbetween time cleaning because I know exactly what's going to happen when they come back! phew. Oh well, guess unless we want the race to die off we better just keep doing it. :-)

Heidi said...

At least you got the rain! We got the fluffy white stuff. Too bad about the spill! My 1st grader actually got his pants wet the other way this week. I happened to be in the school volunteering to hold the kids on my lap as the nurse gave them flu shots. The school secretary comes and finds me and tells me what happened. I couldn't believe it! My kid. The kid that everyone would remember 20 years later wet his pants at school! He lucked out and told me it happened in the bathroom and the other kids didn't see. But as his mom I just want to say "really, you were in the bathroom and you wet your pants? how does that happen?" I hope today goes smoother for you!

Micki said...

It's fun isn't it? I don't drive either so I walk my daughter to her school every day and then walk to pick her up at the end of the day too, rain or shine ;)

Micki x

Janean said...

oh, falling in a small "river" and being soaked is much different than had he jumped in on purpose! lol. :))

Sue said...

Ah, poor Alex! I remember these type of days well *grin*

Hoping the sun shines on your day tomorrow!

sMacThoughts said...

Awww. You're a good Mom. :)