Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday morning

I woke up early this morning...even before the sun.

And I painted.

the sketch

transferred to tracing paper

transferred to primed wood surface

background in

adding detail

and more detail

"our dream"


This piece will be in the shop later this evening.

Enjoy your Saturday!!


Cris said...

Beautiful!! I loved "watching" your process too...tracing paper...hmmm. I sketch and then cut out the main parts and trace around them onto the canvas. I love your colors on this one too.

I set my alarm early to get up and do the same thing, but here I am almost 10, sitting with my coffee at the computer seeing what other MORE MOTIVATED people are up to! Have a great day~

Artfulife said...

I adore it! You are on a roll :)

Micki said...

It's great to see how you do the process of your paintings, I love that!
As Cris mentioned in the post above I do mine like hers and cut around the original sketch or just draw straight to canvas, depending on the piece i'm working on really.

I'm way to lazy to stop and photograph each stage though lol ;)

Micki x

Diane Duda said...

another beauty, Tracy!

michelle said...

So beautiful! Loved seeing it step by step! I am on my hubby's laptop which for some reason will let me comment while mine will not. But I visit you every post and love everything!

Linda B said...

Very cool that you took the time to show ! It turned out beautiful:D