Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hello Friends,
is officially open for business.
I have a ton more stuff to list but this is what I had time to do today.
More tomorrow!
My sister and I are off Friday to Adamstown, PA for our annual sisters weekend, so I will have very special goodies to offer in the coming weeks!
If you are new to my blog, my sister and I go away this same weekend every year and spend two and a half GLORIOUS days rummaging through junk.
We stay at this B&B where the proprietor Deb cooks us the most amazing breakfasts in the cutest little dining room.
As a bonus, it's a working farm so she has a horse, Doc, and a mini-pony, Sammy.
We always have the best time.
Take a look here.

I will probably be concentrating on linens
and books since that's what I love the most.
I have a few pieces that I know I need to sell but am
having a hard time parting with.
This is my problem
The whole reason for this shop.
It's so hard!

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