Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Bit of Press

Hello Friends,
I hope this weekend finds you well. I can't believe summer is un-officially here already. As I jump around reading all of your blogs I see kids finishing up school and summer plans being made. We don't finish school until June 24th this year. In NJ we don't begin school till after Labor Day and then we had a bunch of snow days because of the rough winter. I'm sure it wasn't all that rough to so many of you out there but what can I say, we're wimps!

Jake is working hard trying to get the straight A's that have escaped him by one point all year.
Alex just had his last field trip of 1st grade at Adventure Aquarium and he had a great time.
We are all enjoying all of the end of year activities that this time of year brings!

Speaking of activities...
I kept my goals for 2010 quiet this year, instead of making my usual proclamation of all of the things I was going to accomplish...and then not getting to most.
One of my biggest goals was to get published, so I set out to research all of my favorite art magazines and see what they were looking for and what I needed to do to get in there.
One day out of the blue, before I had time to start on any new work, I was contacted by the very kind Jennifer Jackson, who is the Managing Editor at Somerset Studio Gallery, asking me if I would submit some of my work and write a few articles. Yes! was my answer so here is the first of a few magazines I will be in over the next few months.
I'm so excited and grateful!!
Thanks again Jennifer:)

Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2010

I describe, in detail, how to do one of my paintings so give it a try and let me see what you have done!

My blog banner was also featured in Artful Blogging in their "Banners we Love" section. I was thrilled because when I received the magazine I saw that I was feature on the same pages as my bloggie buddies Summer from Artful Life and Courtney from Finding Home.

I have been painting away trying to prepare some new work for Moorestown Artwalk. Artwalk is held every second Friday from May to September (6-9) on Main Street in Moorestown NJ.
The next one is June 11th so if you're local, come and say hi! I would love to see you.
Here are few new pieces that I will be adding to the shop in either original (if they don't sell at Artwalk) or in print form . I have several canvas' primed and ready to go and let me just say I'm feeling very "Patriotic". It may be because I live so close to Philadelphia but I have been quite obsessed with American history and such and it's starting to bleed over into my work.

Uncle Sam ~ mixed media on canvas

To Catch a Moon ~ mixed media with bees wax on re-purposed plaque

Sea Love~ mixed media with bees wax on re-purposed plaque

I'm off to enjoy this wonderful holiday weekend with good friends and family,
I hope you're doing the same:)


Rachel said...

CONGRATS!!!! I love that magazine! You are my idol :)

jenny holiday said...

Fabulous!!!! Congrats!! Everything looks fantastic!!!

xoxo Jenny

Micki said...

Oh my goodness lady that is just fabulous news!!
Congratulations to you and well deserved too I might add!!

You know I have never, ever bought an arty magazine...ever!! I must be one of the only arty people to have not read somerset studios magazine lol

I am in love with your mermaidy painting at the bottom, soooooo good!!!!

Hugs for you sweetie

Micki x

CourtneyP said...

Hooray for you!!! I had not seen the artful blogging yet, thanks for the preview! Your work looks amazing in print.... nice job and well deserved.

Diane Duda said...

Congratulations Tracy! I love those two girls of yours in Somerset Studio especially the braided one. The new art looks great too!

My guys are done next Friday. Aaron's last week of high school ever! And Josh's last week of middle school. :(
Good luck to Jake with those A's.

Sue said...

Tracey, this is absolutely wonderful! I will make a point of getting this issue of Somerset next time I go to the city. Your mixed media with the pattern pieces hair are favorites of mine and I'm thrilled that your creativity is being profiled and recognized!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend!


Cris said...

Congrats on your new project! I am so happy for you! Your work is awesome~

sMacThoughts said...

WOW Tracy, this is all so wonderful! May the rest of summer continue in this vein! :)

Victorian Lady said...

YAY!!! Congratulations! :) You deserve it!


Jennifer said...

Hi Tracy,
I just saw this post. It was a great pleasure working with you as well. Thanks so much for contributing your artwork to our publications. I look forward to working with you on future projects as well.