Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back in Action!

Hello Friends,
I'm happy to say that the computer is up and running (crossing fingers) and so am I !
I'll be listing these pieces in the shop tonight and tomorrow.
"Uncle Sam" 12"x16" canvas

"Yankee Doodle George" 11"x14" canvas
Abraham Lincoln coming soon...

"Home" 11"x14" canvas

"Love Blossoms" 11"x14" canvas

"Catch" 8"x10" repurposed wood plaque/bees wax

8"x8" repurposed wood plaque/bees wax
I have lots to share from this past week.
I'll be back soon:)


Micki said...

woooooh!! go you!! look at all that fabby work you've done!! so glad you are back in action sweetie, love the 'Home' painting so cute!!

Hugs for you

Micki x

Rachel said...

Tracy... I love the Uncle Sam and George Washington mucho mucho!!!! You are so ubber talented!

mystele said...

girl! these are awesome!

Ronnie said...

Back in action indeed!!!
Beautiful work. George never looked better. Mermaids and men are lovely. said...

what a great new batch of art!

PBsArtStudio said...

Wow, these are all beautiful... my favorites are the mermaid ones, only cause I love mermaids! :D Patti

Victorian Lady said...

The founding fathers ROCK! Your work is always so fresh! I love it! :)


Mary said...

Very creative!