Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. A William

My sweet little Alex William turned 7 today.
I really have to keep reminding myself that it's been 7 years already.

Alex is my BFF.
My main man.

He gives my confidence a boost almost every day with his sweet yet disturbingly inappropriate comments like, "Mommy, you are so hot" and my most recent favorite "Mommy, do you want to make out?"

I know.
It's wrong, right?

My answer was "No buddy, you don't make out with your mom" and he was cool with that.

I know soon enough he will be rolling his eyes at me and giving me "the attitude" so I am trying to enjoy every innocently disturbing comment I get.

He is OBSESSED with WWE wrestling so all of his gifts revolved around that this year.

Birthday morning.

Looking tough with his new championship belt.
Happy Birthday Alex.
You're my very favorite 7 year old!!


Isabel said...

Awww Happy Birhtday!! I miss those years and birthdays!! have a great day:O)

michelle said...

hysterical! my littlest guy asked me the other day why my bum was so big? yeah, I went running that day. Hope it is the very best birthday!

Micki said...

Aww I missed this post until today, hope Alex had a super sweet birthday, he has one of the best smiles I have ever seen, love your boy!!

Micki x