Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello Friends,
This week was off to a bang with the first day of school on Tuesday.

Jake started 6th grade so by now he's an old pro.

Alex (with his friend Jared) ...not so much.
There were a few tears from the time he brushed his teeth til the time he got on the bus, but he did good!
The bribe of a Dollar Store visit always helps;)

The boys rooms are just about finished. All of the major work is done, all we need now are the finishing touches like drapery and artwork for the walls.

Alex's room before...

Alex's room after.

Jake's room before...

Jake's room after (with Alex in his bed.)

We let the boys pick their paint color and Alex picked black, which we negotiated until we agreed on a darker blue, and Jake picked a toxic green that I actually really like. It's very Jake!

I am taking my time with all of the junk we removed from the bedrooms and only putting back the things we really love. The house is small and it's easy to have way too much so editing is a must for us. The charity truck has been here for pick up twice in the past week.

As promised here is the dresser I painted for Alex.

Alex loves the number 5.

We chose the same carpet for both rooms and the color they picked covers two walls in their room, the other two walls were painted the same neutral color in both rooms. I thought that with the size of their rooms, the color on all four walls would have been too much, plus it adds a little more interest, especially when you start adding wall art. 

And the last thing I promised to share with you was the MESS!!! I'm still working on this room but the entire contents of two little boys rooms including their closets....oh my gosh!
I had anxiety every time I walked in here.

So many books!!

The mess bothered some of us more than others.

Enjoy your day:)


nacherluver said...

Love their rooms! Great Job :)

Thought you might like to check out my post today as it relates to de-cluttering, organizing, purging and a Vintage Ephemera give-a-way!
Relates to your post today and a chance to win to boot!

Micki said...

Fab job you did on those rooms, their beds are awesome!!
Love the chest of drawers, we have a running theme of the number 5 all through our house, as it's the number of people(plus the doggy) that live here ;)


Micki x

Sue said...

You have been busy - I think the emptying of the rooms to redo is the
biggest job. The painting, etc., is fun! The bedrooms look great and I'm not a fan of that shade of green, but it looks great!

*sigh* we have a small house too, and I HAVE to start decluttering.


Heidi said...

Those back to school tears are hard on a mom! My eight year old shed a few too. Really cute boy rooms! I like the idea of pulling everything out and only putting back the essentials. The dresser rocks! :)

jen duncan said...

You did some great makeovers Tracy!