Tuesday, October 5, 2010

change is good.

sometimes things don't turn out the way i see them in my head.
when i first posted about this painting, i wasn't sure about the hair but had decided to keep working until something came to me.
yesterday i spent five hours on my studio floor cutting and pasting her wings.
after i cut and glued each wing i stopped and looked.
i considered just giving up and putting the canvas away with the rest of the half finished, not sure what to do with paintings.
but i kept cutting and gluing, thinking that after the wings were complete, i would have the answer to fixing this painting to make me happy.

as i was adding the last piece of the wing, i had a new vision of what she needed to look like.
she's finished.

i'm happy.

i will be bringing her along the the STJ Halloween Soiree
along with a few other angel pieces and Halloween creations.
if you're local, don't miss it!


claire barone art said...

she is amazing! good job well worth the extra work xx

Julie said...

This is gorgeous! Love the change! : )

sugar Creek said...

Oh my gosh that is beautiful!

Micki said...

OOh she's super pretty, i'm sure she will sell for you, the wings are gorgeous!!

Micki x

Denise Riches said...

She's lovely! You should be happy!

The Vintage Sister said...

thanks everyone!!!

mystele said...

she's lovely, girl!

Artfulife said...

She turned out just lovely!

jen duncan said...

Wonderful! Good luck at the show Tracy.

Rebecca said...

A vision of glory. Beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Love it loads!

Tess J said...

She is beautiful! I love the halo. Its perfect.