Monday, November 8, 2010


the other day i received the sweetest package in the mail.

all kinds of vintage goodness
wrapped up pretty, just for me!

they were sent to me by a kind customer i was lucky enough to meet at the STJ soiree.
this is she.
ms. lisa!

when i first set out to sell my art online, i never dreamed of the wonderful 
friends i would make on the way.
the art community, artists and collectors alike, 
are the kindest people i have ever met.
always willing to reach out with encouragement, a sweet note when someone is feeling bad,
or getting together a collection to help another less fortunate. 
i love you all!!

thank you again lisa:)

the boys and i had a four day weekend so we did a few fun things.
one of them was visiting the philadelphia zoo.
nothing beats the zoo on a cold fall day.
no crowds.
just fun:)

 we wanted to get there in time to see the lego animal exhibit.
it has been there since april but time escaped us and here it is november.
ugh! time moves too fast.

they were truly amazing.
my boys are real lego nerds so they loved this.

a picture with the elusive jake...gasp.
he's at the age where pictures are "lame" or "so gay"
you know how it is.

these last two pics i found on my camera
a thirsty  boy
and his thirsty penguin.

enjoy your evening:) 


CourtneyP said...

My boys would have loved the zoo!
They are lego nerds also.

What fun you will have with your new gifts.

Isabel said...

Awesome lego creations! my boys used to be Lego nerds:( miss that soo much glad yall had FUN:O)

Micki said...

What a lovely package you got, I bet you were grinning all over when it arrived!! ;)

As always you and your boys are a delight to see, such lovely smiley faces you all have!!


Micki x