Tuesday, November 2, 2010

our halloween...

the first thing i realized on halloween morning was that we still hadn't gone pumpkin picking.
so i packed up the boys and headed to the local farm.
it was a chilly, windy day in nj and as i was paying for the tickets,
i happened to look over at what jake was wearing.
t-shirt and shorts.
seriously? how did i not notice this?
"you're going to freeze on the hayride" i told him.
"i already am " he replied.
"mommy, i'm thirsty, can you buy me a bottle of water?" piped up alex.
mind you we only left home about 10 minutes prior.
"GET IN THE CAR!" i say
 (through gritted teeth, of course)
on the way to the car i was told that it was my fault he was dressed inappropriately
because i didn't put his summer clothes away. huh?
10 minutes home.
10 minutes to re-dress, drink, pee.
10 minutes back in the car, back to the farm.
now the hayride, yay!

there was a breeze that carried various overwhelming animal "fragrances" from the petting zoo.
glad we skipped that part:)

 we were in the last car and we bounced the whole way.
we laughed and laughed!

 weird pickle looking gourd.

so we came home and began carving.

alex's pumpkin was so hard we couldn't get a knife into it.
so to his utter dismay (and mine)
he had to paint his. 
(my utter dismay because my children hate to paint. how did that happen?)

visits from family.
my sister and her friend jeff and my nephew cooper.
the oompa loomp costume was FABULOUS!

jake decided he was too old to go trick or treating with alex and myself.
sniff, sniff.
he went ALONE with the other big boys.
i can't believe it's happening already!
he's only 11!!!

well, that was our exhausting day!
how was yours?? 

in other news, george washington is complete!
check back tomorrow for pictures.

enjoy your day and don't forget to


Micki said...

Aww your boys are so cute!!
As for 11 year olds I know all about them ;) my 11 year old got a text on halloween night from his girlfriend (i'm sure he said he'd never have one of those)to go round to her place...er no!! Mum comes first!!! lol
He came trick or treating with us and had lots of fun ;)

Kids eh?

Micki x

nacherluver said...

Already voted :)
Thanks for the reminder.
Sounds like you had a good Halloween for being last minute and all!
We had a blast at the pumpkin patch/petting zoo/hayride place until my son got lost in the 1 1/2 hr. corn maze!!!!! Holy Crap did it scare me! He's home safe and sound. Ends up he didn't know he was "lost" from us. He was just off having fun! Grrrrr...