Friday, February 11, 2011

i was working!

to all of my family and friends that have called this week to tell me that i haven't posted;
ya'll need to get a life!
kidding, kidding!!

i've been busy working on pieces for this months spookytime jingles update and also a few commissions and a gift for a sweet friend and neighbor.

here's a peek at the STJ stuff but i will keep the gift a secret until next week:)

this is Marvella.
i must say that i love, LOVE her.
so much so that i really won't mind if she doesn't sell.
 i am thinking of doing more paintings of Marvella,
maybe drinking tea, or visiting with bird friends.
who knows!

she is 8x24 on a gallery wrapped canvas

this dapper gent is Heir Rabbit.
his fur is made from hundreds of bits of a vintage German poetry book.
i painted him in a frame and gave the canvas an antique glaze and a good rubbing
to give it the look of a vintage photo.
he is 8x10 on a gallery wrapped canvas.

i was thinking of all of the things that make me feel cozy in my home.
a nice red door.
a sweet wreath hanging on that door.
a smoking chimney, letting you know that it's warm inside.
a cat.
i know, there's no cat in this piece but they will be coming soon!

Bless our Home is 8x10 on gallery wrapped canvas.

i will post tomorrow night to remind you of the Spookytime Jingles update.
 lots of great Easter pieces this month!!

enjoy your weekend!


Janel said...

I love Marvella! And Yes, she needs to make a few more visits!!!


gbloom studio said...

I love your art! Just wanted to say "hi".

Liz Revit said...

All of these pieces are fabulous! Love your work.

julie king said...

loooove all of these, tracy!!

Frank Zweegers said...

Really nice, works!