Thursday, February 24, 2011

getting my - - - in gear!

good morning friends!
the title of this post says it all.
i'm putting my fears behind me and moving forward, putting myself out there with my art.
the first thing on my list is
work, work, work.
i've been trying my best to use my time wisely
 (something i'm not so good at)
i usually start the day thinking i will spend the day in my studio painting but between loads of laundry
and trips to the store, the art gets put on the end of the list.
you know what i'm talking about!

so i did a couple of commissioned pieces this week and then i did these two pieces.

they are now available in my etsy shop in both original and print form.

my goal is to do four paintings a week,
if not more.
it's a lofty goal but i can do it!!

i've been so busy that i have neglected my blog so here are a few
pictures of what we have been up to the last few weeks!

superbowl- football shaped pizza.
alex's suggestion

 fancy valntine's table.

fancy glasses which had sparkling cider and a strawberry.
alex was  disturbingly obsessed with his drink.
he was pretending to be drunk and we feared child services
 would be knocking on the door the next day.

valentine's day- heart shaped pizza.
again, alex's suggestion.
do you see a theme here?
the rest of us had fried shrimp and baked macaroni and cheese.
the best baked macaroni and cheese recipe here.

a rare day of 70 degrees.
and, apparently, blinding sun.

well, that's it for now.
i have a few more emails to send and then i will let you
in on the other things i have in the works.

enjoy your day,
wherever you are!


Micki Wilde said...

It's so good to see some more work from you, and such yummyness too!!
i'm looking forward to seeing if you do produce 4 a week :)

The valentines pizza is a fabulous idea Alex, your mum should make all kinds of shaped pizza's keep on thinking up ideas ;)

Hugs for you all

Micki x

The Vintage Sister said...

hey! if you want me to get more paintings done, stop encouraging my kid:)

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOVE the new paintings!! Wonderful!! Can't pick a favorite ;o) LOL on the theme shaped pizza's! My kinda kid!! I had my youngest at Chili's for his birthday one year and he wanted root beer and of course it came in a brown bottle so he was acting like it was beer and he was drunk LOL! I thought the same thing...child services LOL! Where do they come up this stuff anyway?? He turns 13 this Sunday and we are going to a sushi restaurant wonder what he has in store for me with this years drink? LOL! Loved seeing all your pictures! xo Michele

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I love your new pieces! So adorable. Great goal of 4 paintings a week. I need to do that...keep focus or life takes over. Happy painting.

claire barone art said...

its really hard to find a balance today for example i had to spend most of it cleaning as ive been doing the opposite too much art not enough of anything else ........ claire x your cakes are fantastic !!

Shayla said...

Your blog is full of such creativity!!!