Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

A long break was needed after the hectic first half of the month I had.
Birthday, gallery show, school trips, spring break for the boys, Easter...
Spring break was a bust because Alex came down with a funky
virus that had him down for the count Sunday thru Thursday.
I should have spent that time getting caught up on housework and art
but I pretty much did nothing.
I guess that's what I needed.
Here  are a few pictures of how I spent the last few weeks.

Digging for bones in the Natural History Museum in Philly.

 I could sit and stare at these displays all day.
Alas, the kids breezed right thru. 

We don't take serious pictures in my house.

Easter egg decorating.

This year I picked up a silly pack of Monster Egg dye
and we had the best time adding stickers and making funny faces.
Normally egg dying takes all of 15 minutes and they are off to the next thing
but they really enjoyed the stickers.
Who knew?

This is the BIG painting that I did for the gallery reception.
My sister has the pictures of the reception up on Facebook
 but I will ask her to send me a few to post on my blog.
I can't thank my wonderful family, friends and customers enough.
My reception was a huge success and I'm thirilled!!

Also a big thanks for all of the birthday wishes.
My special gift was a new fancy GPS so I won't get lost
and spent hours trying to find my was home:)
(i do this alot)

This week I am finishing up some pieces for the National Halloween convention.
I'll post more about this awesome event this week.

Have a wonderful Easter!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy Easter Tracy! Looking forward to seeing you at NHC!


Cris said...

Great Pictures! Happy Easter, and your big painting is awesome. I love the contrast between the colors of the two ladies' eyes.

mystele said...

that's awesome, tracy!!! you shouldn't be surprised, sweet lady. your work is genuine, unique and wonderful! love the painting. hip hip hooray!!!

Indigo Wings said...

Hope you had a happy Easter! Your new painting is amazing!

Clare Hudson-Reed said...

i love the pic of the elegant ladies having tea. the use of the paper for the hair is very creative.

julie king said...

wonderful photos. congrats on your great reception. you deserve every bit of it!