Friday, December 2, 2011

Mindless Rant #1

I took the buildings out of the boxes two days ago and that's as far as I got.

Did you ever feel like moving everything you own out of your house and start over?
I want to put everything outside and only bring things back that I absolutely love.
And it has to be dust and clutter free.
I think that's the crux of my problem.
The dust and clutter free problem.
I know you have it too. Most everyone does.
Except Martha Stewart.
Probably she has a full staff dedicated to just dust and clutter.

I think I'm panicking a bit in anticipation of holiday decorating.
I just finished the last of my art for the season and it's time to pull the boxes down from the attic and layer every flat surface, knob, drawer pull, switch and hook with yet more decorations. I love Christmas and I love decorating.
I just would love to have a perfectly clean house to decorate upon.
Can you relate?
Or do you always have a clean house and decorating is a completely joyful experience?
If so, don't share because I will only hate you.
Just kidding, I won't hate you.
Maybe a little.
Instead of cleaning I am sitting at this computer complaining about it.
This is the way my mind works...
When I have a lot to do, I do nothing.

I think I'm going to go read.

Stop back on Monday,
I will be announcing a sweet give away!

Enjoy your weekend:) 



Tracie Godri said...

I have a messy house too, if it makes you feel any better. Yes, we all do! Some a little messier than others but I'm not judging! ha!

Patrichter said...

Your house is beautiful and inspiring always. So let us know when you are moving it out I will be on the curb LOL!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Oh, gosh, you are so funny Tracy! I can only imagine how PRECIOUS your home will look this holiday season...even if you do take time out to do nothing and read.

I'll be back soon to see how much decorating you have done. I'm trying to get some of it done this weekend...but let's remember it is only December 2nd!

Ciao bella,

The Vintage Sister said...

Thanks guys! You make me feel better. I did spend an hour and a half dusting and wiping down the blinds in the family room. Blinds are nothing but big dust catchers:) Tracie, I'm sure your house just looks like you have small kids! Pat, you're too sweet and not very observant. Suzanne, I'm at the gallery all weekend so no decorating for me:( I do feel the pressure and I needed the reminder of the date. Thanks!

Cris said...

I can truly relate! I wish I could just rent one of those huge dumpsters to sit on my driveway for a month--like those horder shows--and just keep loading it up without looking back! I have three kids in college, all commuting from home and I feel like my house is overrun with text books, laps tops, ipads, chargers, projects and such. One of my daughters is a graphic design student and talk about clutter--big clutter like 3D projects that I dare not touch or I might "bend" something! Ugh! Thanks for giving me a chance to rant too! Your art is so lovely and I LOVE the angel banner on your blog! Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Yes, I do know how you feel! This year was a more restrained christmas season as I realized "you dont have to put out every holiday item you own!" I'm trying to minimize this year....trying...hehe

Liz Revit said...

I always said I want a house with nothing in it. Sounds crazy, but true.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

hehe...I've got a cobweb story to tell you that's certain to make you feel better!
I was dusting (finally) the mantle and I went to taken down a large painting and it was literally attached to the wall by a massive tangled web system that actually made a tearing sound as I pulled the painting down from the wall!!! I've never seen such a gross cobweb ;-}