Monday, January 23, 2012

Contentment and Fish.

Blurry "Stop taking my picture!" picture.

Good morning Friends,
My little buddy is home sick today.
I love having my kids home with me!
I'm sad he's not feeling well but I get an enormous feeling of contentment
knowing that while I'm buzzing around doing laundry and
cleaning up, he's safely snuggled on the couch.

I think I'm going to have a really hard time letting my kids go.
 When I see my older boy off to school in the morning
I get an ache in my heart. It's dark when he leaves and
it just feels wrong sending my child out alone.
I still tell him to look both ways and to be careful.
Thankfully I don't get the eye roll yet.
Most of my anxiety I keep to myself, I don't want to raise over protected freaks!
I know these are all things that all moms have to deal
with eventually. Hopefully I can do it gracefully
without scaring....or scarring my children.

Ok, off to arty news..

Juggling Octopus

I've been working on a new piece for my
"La Theatre de la Mer" (The Theatre of the Sea) series.
I'm loving these new pieces however I'm conflicted. 
Is this too far off of the path from what my work has been?
Will people look at this series and think I'm crazy and all over the place?
If they think it , they would be right.
I'm easily bored and "all over the place" is what I do.
Every time I start something new I say "Oh my gosh, I love this so much I want to do it forever!"
And then three days later I realize I don't want to do it forever.
 I have ADD. I am Artistically Directionally Disabled.

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Tracy Nuskey Dodson and also The Vintage Sister Studio.
He's still not finished, he still needs his juggling balls.
Don't we all?

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Have a fantastic week!


Amanda said...

Poor Bubs!! Tell him I hope he feels better. I hear you when you say it seems wrong to send your kid out alone. It's gonna be hard seeing Cooper off to Kindergarten in Sept. I dont think there is anything wrong with "being all over the place" or changing directions. I'm no artist but I say, whatever inspires you and makes you happy, do it. I dont think these sea creature pieces are too far off from your other work. No one says you have to be cookie cutter and do the same style over and over. All your pieces have similar techniques, color tones, vintage paper elements, so they are cohesive even if you dont see it. Keeping things fresh holds customers' attention and prevents them from getting bored. Plus someone who doesnt care for people subjects might just LOVE the animals! You are growing your customer base by doing different things. I'm your sister so i know what it's like to be hard on yourself. In this case you shouldnt be. I think these new pieces are great. Go with what you love to do at the moment and you can always go back and pick up older styles and techniques.

Amanda said...

Oh...and i love you! :)

The Vintage Sister said...

You're the best sister EVER!

Isabel said...

I love these new pieces, and your style still shines through:O) I hope he feels better and I still hate sending my kiddos off to school and they are grown, in high school and college:O) have a great week:O)