Friday, December 7, 2007

The Angels Are Ready

Hello Friends,
The Angels are finally finished and I LOVE them! I don't usually say that because I'm very critical of my work but for once, these turned out EXACTLY how I imagined them. I put these up on Etsy this morning so they are ready to go. They are a little more expensive than my previous small angels but they took me soooo much more time. The wings took just as long to construct as the angel itself. I made the frames from wire that I bent to the shape I wanted. Hopefully you all will think they are worth it. I honestly try to price my things as low as possible because it's important to me that all people can collect art. There are plenty of artist I would love to hang in my home but at this point they are out of my range.
I need to go and work on some custom orders I have received in the past few days! I'm a busy, busy girl......have a great day;)

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