Saturday, December 8, 2007

Parting With Art

Hello Friends,
I'm happy to say that the Angels seem to be a hit! So I'm already thinking of what the next group of winged girlies will look like. I have to confess that after I put them all on Etsy..... I changed my mind and took Anna off to keep for myself. It's unusual that I keep my own art. Most of the time I get tired of looking at them from working on them for so long that I am happy to part with them. Like I told you before...I get bored sooooo easily! This doesn't just apply to art. I've been known to have two or three open books on my night husband is always asking me, "Are you going to finish that?" I always do. I don't like things being left unfinished, sometimes it just takes me a looooong time to get back to.
Anyway, back to the subject of parting with art. I just had an order from an Etsy friend who purchased one of my paintings for her mother. She likes it so much she wants to keep it and she would like me to paint another for her Mom. I thought it was very funny. Of course I said yes, I love custom orders. I am posting a photo of a custom order I did for an Etsy friend. She had previously bought "Windy Winter" for herself and asked if I could create something similar for her sister as a gift.
Well, it's almost 7 am and the kiddies will be up soon so I better get some work done!
Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!


Kim H. said...

Well I'm so glad that you keep one for yourself! I never keep anything I make either! I love this winter painting! Have a great weekend! I'm doing some Christmas baking today- after I get back from the gym.

Beth Norman said...

Is that buyer, Kim H? She sent me to your itsy store so I could see what she purchased, and I asked for your blog address. You do awesome work. The characters you do are just the cutest.