Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Nostalgia....

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I took the day off to get my tree and decorations put up. My poor kids have been begging and begging so my husband and I dug out the stuff and set to work. And as usual, the boys (including husband) hung up about 15 ornaments, all in one area, close to the bottom, and then they were done:) Then it was my job to decorate the rest, and clean up. We have 2 trees, one in the family room where we hang all of the Rankin & Bass stuffed ornaments. The other one is in the living room. This one is supposed to be the more formal tree with all of my glass ornaments but it has turned into the Marvel Comic superhero, Sesame Street, Star Wars tree. I don't mind because I know there will be a day when I'm decorating the tree without my boys.....let me stop before I cry! I have ornaments that my mom made when she did ceramics in the 70's. I have blown glass balls that are probably from the 50's. One is a transparent blue with a little bit of lead tinsel inside. My husband hates anything old, so you can just imagine the sneaking I do to put them up. He swears I'm going to get lead poisoning!

Anyway, I am attaching a photo of my sister and I with Santa. I'm on the left. My brother was crying so he was booted from the shoot. Sissy !

Have a great day!


Kim H. said...

Your tree sounds beautiful and much like mine! I love the old ornaments too..I had all mine until one year when my kitty knocked down the tree....argghhh. Love the vintage photo of you and your sister with Santa! Hope you have a great Holiday Season!

BTW- I got Sophia in the mail today. OMG she is absolutely stunning! The picture of her on ETSY did not do anything for how beautiful she really is. I will hang her in my studio so I can enjoy her year round! Thank so much!

Mandy said...

Ew, I look like a boy in that photo! Also, did I give you permission to post my likeness on the internet? Shouldn't I get some kind of fee or something? As you can tell, I'm back from Maine. What a trip. Talk to you later. Going to bed!

Cindie said...

You know...too fast our kids grow up and all we have left are the marshmallow snowman ornaments with felt earwarmers on them. And along with the vintage ornaments that you treasure, every year you will glue the marshmallow back together to hang on the tree for another year.

I love the painting you did for my sister and I! I love that you posted a picture of you and your sister here!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I have OLD ornaments (hand blown, hand painted, I tried to wash one...opps!) from my granny waiting for you!!!