Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Movie you have to see!

I forgot to ask you all if you have seen "Atonement" yet? I made my sister come with me a couple of weeks ago to see it and it was wonderful. It was worth it just for the art of the film! Joe Wright makes the most beautiful truly is like watching a painting! He also did "Pride and Prejudice"... maybe you saw that? In the film there is a lot of smoking (it takes place in the 30's), and the way he incorporates the smoke into the mood of the scene is amazing! The ending is a bit of a bummer but if you have already read the book (also wonderful) it won't be a surprise. I read a review last week about the then upcoming Golden Globes and the writer wrote something about there being many people who think that "Atonement" is the best movie of the year, and the rest are men. I thought it was a very funny quote:) I guess most men don't like love stories. You would think they would smarten up, go to a movie, and learn a little something about romance, right?
Have a great weekend!

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michelle said...

Hello! I have just found you and your lovely art through your comment on Jenn's blog. So lovely! I love it all, the paintings and your new dolls. My mom loved this movie and I think men really ought to clue into the fact that if they take their wives said wives always come home feeling more lovey! Oh, and I read done in a previous post you love Jane Austen, don't miss the Masterpiece theater tonight on PBS, they are all Jane. I think tonight is Northanger Abbey and they are really good! Nice to meet you!