Friday, February 1, 2008


I just had to show everyone my great dollar store score! I was just wandering around on my way to buy some plastic storage containers and to my delight!!!!!!!! I found this wonderful children's book by Giselle Potter. I would have gladly paid the full $17.00 for it since it's absolutely marvelous but who can refuse a buck? They also had a few Maurice Sendak books but I already have them. I have been a fan of Giselle's for some time because I have been collecting Children's Books since the late 80's. I have tons! I have every
Chris Van Allsburg book including my coveted signed copy of 'The Widow's Broom' . My boys are NOT allowed to read these without me present! No sticky fingers or bent pages, thank you very much. But we do enjoy story time with them and I think the boys like the fact that they are the "Special " books that we read together.
So, you have to check out her website at AND...When I googled her guess what I found? She is also an Etsy seller! Maybe you already know this but I'm so excited.
Ok, I think I'm showing a little too much of my dorkiness here so I'll stop ranting but you have to see this book and the story she tells about herself growing up and traveling to Italy. It's a dream!!


Jenn said...

NO WAY!!!! Tracy, that is one of my ALL time favorite books!! She sells on etsy!! I'm freaking to find her now. xox

Jenn said... again! You were leaving me a comment just as I was visiting you and leaving you a comment!!! And sweet you were telling me about your post! so funny:):) I never thought to google her...I adore her site! Her and Maira Kalman (did you see my post about my new book from'll croak it's so cute). swooooon!!

Kim H. said...

WOW here stuff is gorgeous! Thanks for would freak me out to find her book for a book! You scored big time! Hope all is well with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Well I am heading to my studio- the boys are having a sleep over with Grandma and hubby is still working! Yahoo! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenn said...

Tracy, I'm sort of like your stalker today:) 3 comments on 1 post! I just tagged you on my blog...ONLY if you want to play!!!

michelle said...

Wow! What a treasure! And somehow it is even bette because it was a dollar don't you think? And I think having special books is great, I have my own collection. And the kids do seem to enjoy them even more.

Anonymous said...

She's an Etsy seller?!?! I have the book "When Agnes Caws" which I bought long before I had a kid, because I loved the illustrations. I love her style.And you got a deal on that book!