Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick and Tired....

Hello My Friends,
I am trying to squeeze a post in here between my loads of laundry. As you may recall, I was doing laundry in my last post. Well, after I stripped all of the beds and did four loads of sheets and blankets, remade all beds nice and neat, my little angel came down with a stomach virus. I'm sure I don't need to go into great detail for you all to understand why I am AGAIN!!! washing all sheets, blankets, and now comforters!!!UGH!!! Someone needs to invent some sort of contraption that attaches to a kids face to catch the vomit. They never seem to get to the pot fast enough! Alex still has a fever but I'm hoping that will pass over night:)
On a healthier (and less disgusting) note....I completed a painting this morning that I have attached a photo of. I just love doing these bird lady portraits! I'm thinking of doing a full length view but I need to do a little more sketching.
One last thing....have any of you seen the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors? The March/April issue is full of ETSY. There is even a story titled "heavens to Etsy". Plus it features
Kelly Rae Roberts and a few other Etsy sellers. I'ts a great magazine if you've never heard of it. Lots of great inspiration!
Well, I'm off to take out the (hopefully) last load! Wish me luck.


Kim H. said...

Sorry to hear about the sick bay in your house!

Gorgeous bird lady! I can't wait to see the new CPS now! I have to go out looking for it in the am!

Hope everyone feels better in your house soon!

Steph said...

First a wish for a healthy home...soon! Second, I recently discovered your are a woman after my own heart...I have recently developed a serious obsession with polka dots-and your work is wonderful-it makes me smile! Thanks for brightening my morning....

Take Care-

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Tracy, thank you so much for stopping at my blog long enough to post a comment - i so appreciate you taking the time to do that!

i just visited your blog (obviously) and LOVE your paintings!! i'm adding you to my list of favorite blogs so i can keep up with you.

i read your perfect day paragraph on your side column and we have more in common than one would think............your perfect day sounds wonderful and you like to crawl into bed at night with your good book just like me:)

oh, and the pictures of your boys decorating valentine's cookies could have been taken at my house about 13 years ago - it looked just like me and my boys in the "olden days". LOL

love your blog,
check ya later,

annas dreams blog said...

Hello Tracy: Just wanted to let you know that you have been tagged. Go check it out on my site. Have a great week. Lillian

Jenn said...

I just adore this polkadot bird lady Tracy!!!

I can so relate to the yucks. I am so sick of doing puke laundry...I can hardly stand it:(((
ugh. Ours finally ended and I am doing a happy dance. xoxo...jenn

~dani~ said...

Cannot wait to see a full length bird lady! How fun! Sorry for the "ukers" in the house. Tough work. Although, I am pretty used to it with 2 boys, 3 dogs and 2 cats running around the house. Usually once a week event!

Thanks for the heads up on Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I just started using Kelly Rays techniques when collaging with gel mediums and a brayer. Way fun and great textures. Late-tah~ ;)