Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Bit of This, A Bit of That.......

I'm not doing a very good job at keeping up with my posts but please forgive me. The weather has been so nice and I've been working in my garden and playing outside with the boys.

Jake had his "Art with a Sprinkle" at school last night. This is the annual art show and after they have ice cream. Here are a few of my favorite things.

I just loved these.....they did their self portraits and traced their hands. Who doesn't love watermelon?

I loved this one! I would love to frame this one and hang it in my family room. You can't tell from the photo but they mixed paint with laundry detergent to give it a gritty texture.

Every year the art teacher, Mrs. Franke has the class do a ceramic project. The third grade class did sunflowers. Jakes is in there somewhere. So by the time both of my kids are finished in this school I will have 8 of these ceramic wall hangings....unless Mrs. Franke retires any time soon.

And here is a picture of my flower garden. It is a large space and I didn't really have a ton of money to spend so I bought everything small. That was three years ago so it's nice to see everything filling out. A poor gardener must have patience:)

This is only my spring/early summer flowers. I have tons of wildflowers that come up mid to late summer. I'll take more pictures then.

And last but not least.....I've started on my Halloween stuff. Here is a peek at my newest doll. Please don't judge her as she's quite nude. Clothing and accessories to come.

Have a great day!


michelle said...

What a fun art show! I love great teachers like that! Oh, miss halloween is going to be soooooo wonderful!

Kim H. said...

Oh fun art for the kiddo! I love halloween too so this doll is wonderful! Love the new banner!

Jenn said...

How fun to see the kids' art!! LOVE those hands ones:):) Your Halloween doll is looking so cute and your garden is fabulous:):)

Happy weekend to you Tracy! xo...jenn

Heather said...

Your garden is SO lovely, however do you manage that 'weed-free look" ;) I still havent mastered that ;)
I LOVE your paintings and your dolls, so precious!!!
I'll definitely have to visit again!~

~dani~ said...

How fun! Kids make the best art as it comes straight from a genuine that!! Oh, and loving your Halloween doll..great job!! Woo hoo..Halloween is in the air!