Monday, May 5, 2008

Sisters Getaway

So here are a few photos of our little getaway. We stayed at a B&B called Living Spring Farm in Adamstown Pa. where there are about a million antique and junk shops and outdoor flea markets. It was pure heaven! The home we stayed in was a 200+ year old farmhouse with a barn and two horses. One was a miniature pony named Sammy. We had similar haircuts so I thought we were friends until he head butted me out of the way during a photo-op. Apparently Sammy is a little catty.

Ok, There was also Doc, a quarter horse who scared the crap out of me because he kept trying to smell me and lick me with that huge head of his. You don't realize how big horses are until your up close and personal.

Deb, the owner of the B&B was so nice and she made us two incredible breakfasts and told us the best places to go.
Here is a picture of the room we had.

Deb also filled the rooms with tons of decorating magazines so in our down time we sipped tea and hot cocoa and browsed the stash. Mandy and I agreed this trip would have been a complete nightmare if we had our husbands with us instead of each other.
My big purchase was a bird house made from recycled wood and other items.
I also scored a book in German that had several four leaf clovers pressed inside so I just had to buy it. And guess what? When I came home I discovered that while I was away, someone had purchased one of my largest paintings and requested a companion piece!!! Yay!
Here is a quick photo of my garden in progress.
I have been working on this garden for about 8 years now....with a brief interruption 3 years ago when we had an addition built to the back of the house and I pretty much had to start over. It's a small yard but oddly enough, it's what I always wanted. My dream was always to have a little house with a little garden. My husband is in charge of the grass so I have to give him the credit:)
I have been working on a few new paintings along with some commissioned pieces. I have also completed a few new little dolls...a butterfly, a bee and a Lady Liberty. I will let you all know when I will do a shop update.
Have a great evening!


michelle said...

What a great trip! Looks like so much fun, and even better with a sister! So funny,you and the pony! Lovely garden, wish mine was so complete. And congrats on the sale, what a gratifying feeling!

jen said...

Looks like you had a super sister's weekend. yay! Love all the pics, and your yard looks fabulous! (big pat on the back for dh) :-)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Sammy looks like he's saying ...
"Does she or doesn't she ? Only her hairdresser knows for sure "

[That was an OLD TV commercial for anyone UNDER 50 .]

Glad you had a good time and can't wait to see your new dolls .

Pop by my blog again for a Jerry update .

~dani~ said...

What a beautiful B&B! Love the birdhouse-that was a must have for sure! And your yard/garden is sooo nice! The big painting that sold really is a great one, not surprised it sold~

Sandy Mastroni said...

Tracy you are just too funny ....
I wish we could leave each other AUDIBLE comments . maybe that will be the next new 'puter' invention.

annas dreams blog said...

What a lovely place, and the bedroom is gorgeous, I also love the bird house you found, its adorable. Thanks for sharing!!