Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello Friends....
Once again I promised to post more often but have not delivered. I thought that with this extra time in the morning I would be able to get a few more things done but that hasn't happened yet.
Yesterday was spent driving back and forth to and from Dr's and the pharmacy......I have shingles! EEEEK! Can you believe it? If my 40 something girlfriend didn't have them last year I probably would have been more upset because the only other person I know who has had them is my 93 year old grandmother. But apparently they are very common and you can only give them to yourself so I'm not being treated like a lepher. Yay!

On to other happier news.. here are my latest little pumpkin ornaments. They will be for sale at Spooky Time Jingles on our next update, Sept 13th. I'm really starting to get into fall. Tonight is Back to School night and that always seems to put me in the mood. I have been inspired by several bloggers to break out my Halloween decorations earlier than usual to get an extra few weeks out of them. So hopefully I will have some pictures to share soon.

Here is Stinky catching a little sun. She is my first girl....she has been with me longer than any of my boys and I believe loves me more than all of them put together. I had her and my other kitty long before I met my husband and she has been a wonderful friend thru the years. She's getting a bit "Bitchy" in her old age but that's to be understood, right?

And here is what the FedEx man brought me yesterday. Yay! I have named her Big Mamma since she's quite a bit larger than my current printer. I probably should have taken that into consideration before I purchased her but, oh well....I'll make her fit somehow! So now I have to get started on the millions of ideas I have swimming around in my brain and then print, print,print! Greeting cards, bookmarks........

Last but not least, I want to share the adorable doll my sister made for me. She named her Celie and gave her a purple dress on honor of my favorite movie/play "The Color Purple". Last Christmas Mandy took me to New York to see The Color Purple on Broadway....so good it made me cry! I just love her to pieces! (the doll and my sister)

Thanks Mandy.


Anonymous said...

OH no shingles! I hope you feel better soon! I heard they are painful!

Love the pumpkins they are so cute! Since the weather is so cool here- I am so ready to put up my Halloween stuff! I am holding off for a few more weeks! LOL!

Your cat is gorgeous! I have an old bitchy cat too- she is my baby she is 15 years old. I had her before I met my husband too!

The doll Mandy made is so fun and cute! My favorite is music is Annie and my BFF is taking me to see in February! I can hardly wait!

Feel better soon!

mystele said...

i love those ornies!!! hope you get well soon, girl!

michelle said...

You poor thing! Don't feel too bad, my friend who is only 30 and in the best shape of anyone I know had them last year! Love all your cuties!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Love your little pumpkin guys!! Hope you feel better soon! Ohhhh so jealous .... you got a new Epson!!!

Du Buh Du Designs said...

I'm in the same boat, Tracy. Thinking I will have something ready but life gets in the way and I feel like I'm never going to finish anything in my life again :)
Sorry to hear about the shingles. I guess that can happen if you've had the chicken pox.

Cute ornaments by the way..you are on a roll and how found your niche in the Halloween world! I have the same printer but the model before it. I still use my other Epson as well..great brand~look forward to seeing what you make:)

Mandy said...

Tink Tinks is staring into my eyes.....beckoning me to come over and pet her! Glad to see Celie is fitting in at her new home. I'm making her a little friend so maybe they can visit each other and have play dates. And guess what...I updated my blog! No more Memorial Day post! Haha.