Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh Well...

Hello Friends,
Yay! I'm posting for the second a row! I have had a lot of things going on lately and I'm sure you all have too. Fall is here this morning, it's cool and crisp with a sprinkling of leaves on the ground that just makes me smile:)

I want to thank you all for the well wishes pertaining to my "Shingles" issue. Unlucky for me and everyone who has to look at me on a daily basis, I have them on my face, in my ear and scalp. Lucky for me, I work from home so said people are limited to my family who HAVE to love me no matter how gross I look:) It's more painful than I expected (thank you Tylenol) but we are keeping things light with lots of "Shingles" jokes. Alex ran a toy car over my face the other day and I told him this wasn't a good idea because it hurts me, then his dad added,
"Yeah Alex, don't drive on the roof. " My kids and my nephew were pretending to build a house and Jake said they were waiting on mommy to bring the shingles...ha ha ha. It's so nice to have a family full of comedians (sarcasm) !
Oh well...

Do you have this? I do, every school year and I HATE IT! I try to be organized. See the organizer in the back? It's full of crap that I probably don't need but am afraid to throw away. I try to be diligent and throw papers away as they come but there are always a few I need to hold on to and then it looks like this. My mom had this pile when I was growing up and it seems to have followed me into my adult life. I remember always knocking it over onto the floor and thinking, "I hate this pile, I'll never have a pile like this."
Oh well...

Here is what happens when you use your own compost to fertilize your plants. A large pumpkin vine growing in a place it's not supposed to be in . I threw our pumpkins from last fall in my compost pile and this is what happened. I am thrilled, however my husband is not due to the fact that he needs to move it every time he mows. I also find tomato plants growing in unusual places.
Oh well...

Yesterday I was feeling a little blah and I had the urge to just paint. Not think and sketch but just get out a canvas and draw the first thing that came into my head and then paint. I had THE BEST time. And to make it all the better, Jake loves it and thinks it's the best painting I have ever done and we have to keep it. He's such a sweet kid!
Oh well...

I'm off to get my Spooky Time Jingles pages ready for the September 13th update. Don't forget to stop by...there are going to be a few new artists and even a Guest Artist, ooooooh, very curious!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my babble!


Jenn said...

OH NO!!!! You have shingles you poor thing!!?? I am so sorry Tracy...I've always heard how incredibly painful it is:( On a happy note, your new Halloween girl is the cutest thing ever!!! and back to a sad disgusting paper stack is triple that size and completely depresses me on a daily basis!! grrrrrr paper;)

Sending you hugs and hopes that you are better SUPER soon!!! xoxo...jenn

LuLu said...

Bonjour Tracy! Ah! My studio IS an incredible paper stack! My husband had the shingles a few years back... He had it on his back and suffered quite a bit... Do you know that people are subject to get it so many years (can't remember how many) after they got the measles. So quite often, your childhood friends have it at the same time you do. Your Halloween sculptures and paintings are beautiful! Take good care of yourself! LuLu

mystele said... have really GOOD fun! she's great, and i'm glad you were able to focus your energies elsewhere. take care!

Kim H. said...

I hope the shingles get better soon, I can feel your pain!

I never knew about the paper stack but I have to going on now too :(

Your Halloween painting is just way to adorable! LOVE IT!


michelle said...

Okay, sorry but the shingles on the roof joke was pretty funny! I guess that is the male version of sympathy right? Hope the girls in your life are better-wait that would be we blogger girls right? Well at least we are great at sympathy! Love the Halloween girl and with a fan like that I think you have to keep her too!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

love the painting! love the pumpkin in the grass! ~ that pile!? r u kidding? mine is 10x worse! shingles suck! i had them when my 1st baby was 5 months old....from the STRESS!!! no fun~
take care!

jen duncan said...

Get rid of those shingles asap!!
LOL at the results of homegrown compost! :-D
I LOVE that painting. Darn that Jake for wanting to keep it!!

sMacThoughts said...

Thank God for comedians amidst! Bless you while you go through having Shingles, too. On a brighter note, the painting IS fantabulous, and enjoying doing it is even better! Oh and by the way, my life is a paper pile. They are always with me. And I hate it.

Anonymous said...

Very cute painting, Tracy!
Ah yes,..the humor from the men in our much laughter at our expense! I really do hope you get well soon. I hear that shingles is very painful and there's nothing worse than feeling self conscious about physical symptoms on top of that. Sending well wishes your way.
My counter is worse than yours and I don't even have a kid in school yet! So I cant help your there!
Christine :)

bLu eYd YoGi said...

tracy! hope u r feeling better...i remember when i had them (on my side...hip are) i was sooooo sore i couldnt wear i wore overalls! LOVELY!
p.s. r we still going to paint each other? when do u want to do that? oh yes...have u entered my contest yet??? don't forget!