Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Little Sharing

Hello Friends,
Thanks again for all of the well wishes...they must be working because the worst is over and I'm on the mend. You are all my wonderful blog friends!

I have been working on a few commissioned pieces this week so I haven't had much time to blog. That and now having two kids who have homework, time is slipping by.

On Thursday after the bus pulled away I hopped in the car and ran to my favorite flea market. Thursday is the best day because of all of the antique dealers. Which really tranlates to "Good Junk". I found this huge box full of vintage sheet music and a few old childrens books.

The guy offered the whole box to me for $40. but I only took 8. I was tempted but I know this is more than I need and I am in the process of trying to have LESS stuff, not MORE. The cute little book is titled 'Cinder the Cat' and it has the sweetest little illustrations and lovely turquoise and red coloring.

I was also able to get some of my Halloween decorations out. I know the pictures aren't the best but the cabinet is glossy black and it's hard to get a good shot. These are all Dept. 56 and the house lights up like lightning and makes spooky noises. The boys used to be very freaked out by this:) The car ornaments hanging from the branches are also Dept. 56 and I scored them at the flea market for $2.00 each, brand new still wrapped in their boxes.

I also spent my "not feeling so great days" watching this...

I loved it and it's yet another production set in this time period that makes me say, "Thank God for modern medicine!" We all talk about how lovely the cottages and clothing are but how hard it must have been to live in those times. Geez!

Here is a book I found at our most fabulous public library. It's titled 'Wake the Dead' by Monica Harris and illustrated by Susan Estelle Kwas and it's full of the cutest little characters and lots of funny puns. The art kind of has that Edward Gorey feel to them.

I think I'm going to buy this one for my collection!

Have a great day!


Diane Duda said...

Wonderful flea market finds and decorations too!
I hear you about the modern medicine thing. I just finished watching the John Adams series and it left me thinking the same thing. Yikes!

Glad you are on the mend. :)


Jenn said...

lovin' those flea market finds Tracy!! I'm so happy you are feeling a bit better!!!!
Have a great day:) xox

michelle said...

so glad you are feeling better! I adored Cranford too! And I agree, I love my pharmacy and doctor! Now you have me really wanting to get out the Halloween decorations!

julie king said...

glad you're felling better. i am soooooo jealous of your flea market finds. i love to buy old children's books and vintage music books as well.

CourtneyP said...

I so love your finds. I would be tempted to buy that entire box myself but I too need less rather than more! Don't you love going through the childrens section in the library. I always find inspiration.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

What great flea market finds!!! Is that the Columbus Market on Thursdays???

Heather said...

ah, i love a good flea market day! you made some great finds!

Mandy said...

Tracy, you are the best sister in the world. Just thought I'd stop by to tell you that. ;) Love, Me