Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Hello Friends,
I just wanted to pop in to wish you all a very happy spring! We woke up to snow this morning so we didn't get off to a very springy start but it was finished and melted by 10 am so all is right in our neck of the woods. This weekend should bring us warmer weather and a bit of sun so many outdoor projects are being planned. Patio cleaning and a nice coat of polyurethane. I need to find a nice new red patio umbrella! I'm thinking of painting my currently brown Adirondack chairs a nice bright red too or maybe yellow... I have to see which color speaks to me at the paint store.
Enjoy your weekend wherever you may be!!
One more thing. These ladies can be found hanging around chatting it up in the shop!

SOLD...Thank You!!!


Cris said...

Happy spring to you too! I like your lady's musical hair! Good like deciding on a color for your chairs. I have several adirondak chairs and they are all green. They are so comfy, aren't they?

Artfulife said...

Oh paint the chairs red! Everyone needs some red chairs in their yard. Love your paintings!

julie king said...

bright red patio chairs sounds wonderful!!! isn't it great to finally be outside again? i am so loving this series you are working on!