Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Hello Friends,
I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. I have a touch of a summer cold that I suspect I caught from this little kissey monkey.

But no worries, it has given me an excuse to take a very long nap in which drooling was involved...awesome:)
I was playing around with my "She and He" prints and framed them up to hang in my new NEW bathroom. The former new bathroom is now the old new it?

I'm calling it the "Bee Bathroom" since I absolutely love bees and the room is black, white and yellow. Yum! I am totally in love with the vanity. So not practical but it caught my eye the first time I saw it and I couldn't look at anything else. I may have to tuck extra rolls of TP under my bed but it's worth it.

Here are what the prints look like all framed up.

I also added a new set of note cards to the shop. These are the same size that I used for the framed prints. I just purchased two frames from Walmart, $5.00 each and there you go.

Have a lovely Sunday:)


Artfulife said...

The bathroom looks beeutiful! Hope you feel better soon.

jen duncan said...

Cute little ballplayer you've got there. :-) The bathroom is just lovely! Great job Tracy.

Elma said...

Love the bathroom!! The vanity is sooo nice!! The floor tile is nice to:)

Ronnie said...

Take care of yourself. Sweet new paintings. Love the Bee bath too. I have to redo one myself. Thanks for the inspiration. Great job!

julie king said...

i so like the idea of a bee bathroom. it's quite charming. at our house, we have my bathroom and your bathroom although my bathroom seems to be more our bathroom whereas your bathroom seems to be more his bathroom. hee hee

the paintings are wonderful framed. very striking.

MaygreenFairies said...

I adore the vanity unit in your new bathroom... gorgeous!! Your art is awesome, the prints looked wonderful framed! I look forward to my next visit to your blog. Mandy x

tascha said...

Love the new bathroom!