Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swimming anyone?

Hello Friends,
I went to my local craft store to buy a big canvas for my latest family portrait and I came across a stash of ATC size canvas's. So I played in the studio today and came up with these. I will have them in the shop this evening.

the swimmers have SOLD! Thanks!!

Yellow Girl has SOLD too. Thanks!!

Thanks to everyone who saw my "Celebrating Dad" painting on the Etsy front page and let me know. I missed it, yet again, but I'm happy to know It was there.
I'm off to McDonalds for the boy's special dinner out...gross. I always sit there with a magazine and an iced tea. I take them out one night a week and they get to pick the place. Unfortunately McGreazzzy seems to be their favorite. I'm sure the crappy toys are the real reason but it makes them smile and that's what it's all about:)

Enjoy your evening!


Linda B said...

You are too funny! Love the ATC-sized canvas.

Cris said...

The little canvases are darling! Very neat!

I have spent many an hour in McGreazy's while the kids played in the oh so stinky "ball box" play thingy. ha ha I don't miss Chucky Cheese either, but hey...we do it for the kiddos don't we?! At least you can afford taking them out to eat when they are little, it's a bit different when they are 17, 19, and 21 and want their boyfriends to come! Enjoy it now! Have a good week!

Micki said...

Oh my word sold before I even got to see them in your shop lol
I'm gonna have to be quicker next time!

Micki x

My kids love 'muck'donalds too 'Yuck'!!

Rachel said...

Love these!!! PHENOMINAL!
I have a huge ATC collection... may have to start using ATC sized canvas :)

julie king said...

this little size is so cute! i'm itching to do some bitty art. for me, there's only one reason to go to mickey d's and that is the sweet tea. i can leave everything else alone. thank you very much!!